Cesco Investments – plagiarised website and unregulated bonds paying 3.5% per year

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Update 1.1.19: Cesco Investments Limited was the victim of a clone scam: a website that purported to represent Cesco Investments Limited and offer bond investments was in fact nothing to do with Cesco Investments or its director.

This website (cesco-investmentsltd.com) has now been taken down. The director of Cesco has told us that complaints have been made to the FCA (who will be issuing their own alert) and to the police.

The real Cesco Investments does not appear to have any website or other public presence beyond its entry on the FCA register.

I invested money in the fake Cesco Investments bonds. How do I get my money back?

There were never any bonds and your money has been stolen by persons unknown (cesco-investmentsltd.com was registered anonymously).

Investors should take extreme caution if someone contacts them claiming that they can recover their funds. They are at high risk of being targeted by fraud recovery fraud. They will eventually ask for “legal fees” or “liquidation fees”, which investors will never see again.

If you invested money via a credit card or debit card, investigate whether you can make a claim under “section 75” (credit cards) or “chargeback” (debit cards). (Non-UK investors should check the protections applying in their own country.) Note that chargeback and section 75 claims never cover investment losses. However, an outright scam such as this, where the supposed investment does not exist, is potentially covered by section 75 or chargeback.

If this is not a possibility, it is highly likely that the money is gone. Investors should contact Action Fraud but should note that neither recovery of their money nor criminal charges can be expected.


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