MJS (aka Colarb) Capital faces winding up hearing next week

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A winding up petition against troubled unregulated investment firm MJS Capital (now Colarb Capital) is due to be heard on Wednesday 20th February.

A petition was originally filed by an MJS creditor on 23 October 2018 and due to be heard on 23 January 2019, but this was delayed and eventually rescheduled to next week.

The hearing will take place in London at the Royal Courts of Justice. Information on how to attend the hearing can be found in the MJS Capital Action Group on Facebook.

MJS has continued to maintain that it has sufficient funds to meet its obligations and that its failure to make payments of interest and capital to numerous invests are down to banking issues. Investors have been encouraged to transfer to new bond issues, which in practical terms means deferring the repayment of their money to a later date.

5 thoughts on “MJS (aka Colarb) Capital faces winding up hearing next week

  1. Company was wound up on 20 February 2019 by Order of ICC Judge Barber (Case # 08911 of 2018).
    Petitioning creditor has requested that Asher Miller of David Rubin & Partners be appointed as liquidator with a view to investigating the dissipation of assets by Colarb Capital Plc.

  2. I am trying to contact members of the MJS/Colarb Action Group on Facebook. I joined the group but cannot now log into it. It seems to be closed. I am going to write a letter to Nicky Morgan on behalf of all the MJS Investors. If they wish me to do this, please contact me on Facebook. I have horses as my I.D photo. We can then go forward from there.

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