Harewood Associates goes into administration owing £32.7 million

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Harewood Associates offered unregulated investments in property from 2010 onwards. From at least 2013 the company offered unregulated loan notes, with typical rates of up to 12% per year.

Last week Harewood went into administration, with Begbies Traynor appointed as administrators. The administration is not yet visible on Companies House but has been publicly announced by Begbies Traynor.

According to Harewood Associates’ last accounts for December 2018, the company owed £32.8 million at that time. If accurate, this makes Harewood the second biggest collapse of a company issuing unregulated bonds directly to the public in 2019, beating MJS Capital‘s £20 – 30 million (though dwarfed by the £230 million of London Capital & Finance).

Harewood Associates' David and Peter Kiely
Harewood directors Peter and David Kiely in less lean times

Harewood was fronted by David and Peter Kiely and was, according to its website (now offline), highly active in the community with charitable activities funded by investors’ money.

Harewood Associates was issuing unregulated investments to the public as early as January 2013, according to a Moneysavingexpert forum thread.

In 2016 Harewood Associates claimed on their website that they did not require FCA authorisation to promote investments to the public as they were property related.

Are we FCA regulated and is investment covered by the FSCS? [sic]
No we are not FCA regulated. All our investments are property related and therefore the Law and Property Acts apply. As we only deal with our own property deals and do not sell or promote others we do not need FCA authorisation.

Selling individual properties to an investor is indeed not covered by UK securities legislation.

Selling loan notes, however, most definitely is. On the same 2016 page in which they claimed not to require FCA authorisation, Harewood confirmed that their investments were “by way of a loan note arrangement secured against a share on a fixed asset”.

It was also made clear throughout that investors were investing money on the promise of a fixed return by Harewood, and not for the variable return of an individual property investment.

If any further confirmation is needed that investors were investing in Harewood and not property, one only has to look at Harewood’s last accounts.

Comically oversized banknotes donated to charity by comically oversized man.

Harewood’s 2018 accounts claimed the company had £4.5 million in net assets (assets minus liabilities), but made a £4.3 million loss in 2018, failing to even cover their gross cost of sales. As the accounts were unaudited, the accuracy of these figures will be uncertain until the administrators have provided further information.


In September 2017 the Telegraph warned investors of the risks of investing in Harewood, which at that point was offering up to 12% per year.

As early as February 2017 investors were complaining of not being paid on time, according to a complaint on Ripoff Report.

Meanwhile Harewood was merrily misleading its investors about the risks of investing in itself, with the usual wearily familiar spiels of misleading comparisons with FSCS-protected deposit rates, claiming that secured loans can’t go wrong, and claiming that past performance is a guide to the future.

The banks are paying between 2% and 3% interest on your savings.

Take action and secure a better return on your savings.

Nearly all other investments offering such an attractive return are subject to fluctuation. The fixed return option from Harewood offers a predictable level of income.

The investment is secured on increasing value assets

We have a 100% track record in generating returns for our investors. Our team have developed in excess of 2000 residential properties and we have never sold a property at a loss.

Throughout the 9-year period in which Harewood offered unregulated investments to the public, of which at least 6 years were spent promoting investments in itself without FCA authorisation, resulting in over £30 million of capital now at risk, the Financial Conduct Authority did… the usual. Not even a warning about Harewood Associates appears on the FCA register.

Exactly what caused administrators to be called in has not yet been revealed. The administrators confirm that Harewood investors cannot be paid and the prospects for recovery are not known.

We are aware that a number of fixed period investments were due to have matured on 1st June 2019. Unfortunately the Company’s insolvency means that no investments can be repaid on their due dates. We are not yet in a position to advise investors as to what monies, if any, they may recover in due course.

The administrators have asked investors not to contact them directly as they cannot cope with the volume of enquiries.

Due to the volume of enquiries being received in relation to this matter we are unfortunately unable to speak to investors individually as this would prevent us from performing our duties.

As always we’ll bring you more as and when the administrators release updates.

486 thoughts on “Harewood Associates goes into administration owing £32.7 million

  1. I will now keep the rest of my funds under the mattress..
    I thought I could trust this company.

    Obviously Not!!!

  2. This pair of fat bastards have probably creamed off the funds into their other family run businesses such as sherwood homes and others
    They have taken me for £25,000 after saying my investment was guaranteed secure, hope the administrators find irregularities and call in the police

  3. Kay Kennedy (investment Manager) is as bad as those Directors and all should go to prison and personal assets seized under the law.

  4. Until the UK Government tie a noose around these crappy investment firms, it will keep happening to innocent members of the public. Just like the financial disaster at LCF this year, a Facebook group should be formed to go thru this together, involving the FCA, the SFO and finance experts like Paul Lewis.

  5. If you have an SPV and I have three since around 2015/2016 you are not a creditor you are a shareholder that’s what I have gleamed from this – still not sure where that leaves us – I have always updated my bad review on the web, others with Fixed rate bonds screamed how successful that was – but Harewood’s is/was a limited company – all staff were fully aware of the implications how – I told them – I sent very explicit emails to everyone of them I knew email address on – PK sold his house for just under 1m in March 2018 – yep I feel I paid all their salaries and boy would they have been large with all the chasing we investors did to get financial info – by the way I have never had any financial information about the SPV’s – did anyone! I don’t believe that any of the SPV’s made a loss that were small sites look on companies house – to build 3 houses he got £1.4m from us. The FCA was told in Oct 18 and the Action Fraud Quad too – if you are investors – log your complaint with them NOW!!!!

  6. i have reported to action fraud also, I contacted the FCA in December and was told this company was not on the radar, Had they been I may be in a happier position today.

  7. FCA asleep at the wheel again. The scammers know they can safely run their businesses for years, milking gullible investors, and then just let the firm go bankrupt and start all over again, without the FCA taking any action against them. It’s sad that we’ve let this country become a free playground for scammers.

  8. Surely there is a need for the investors to form an action group and not be spectators, At the very least it will keep the administrators on their toes and marshall whatever other routes may be open to us.

  9. I had failed to get my money out on 31/01/19.£48,400 they said cash flow problems , rich in asset but due to cash flow could not pay me on time, so i re invested the money in income bond for a further 12 months first interest due 1 june , all i got was a letter in the post by the administrators, i am gutted and think these two fat bastards who has conned us all should go to jail, surely the fca should of stepped in years ago

  10. Looking at the finances of Harewood assets, there is enough to return full funds to the investors and pay the huge fees of Begbies Traynor insolvency LLP services. I am confident this is the case, just as long the insolvency firm are upfront, honest and swift in their actions in liquidating Harewood assets.

  11. i was very lucky I got my money paid back in June 2018 after I got another investment going in the hands of the receiver ,but how many of you told your good friends, how good Harewood were and they invested, I told a close friend and I am gutted that I ever told him ,he has lost 40k the majority of his savings that he worked very hard to get ,without me telling him he would of never known about Harewood with getting his 8% Apart from the last two he thought things were fine with them ,I just hope they can trace a pot of gold ,

  12. Yes I did exactly the same to my stepdaughter she is gutted no there won’t be a pot of money .the two smiling fat bastards look as if they have eaten the lot all with cream

  13. I am exceptionally anxious to agree with you, but surely it is dependant upon the accuracy of unaudited accounts and the valuation of the assets. They tried to keep going so long that I would have thought that they were trading while insolvent. I’d love to agree with you. What action do you propose?

  14. Yes they should. I have arranged an appointment with my MP along with some other people who may be of use in this situation.

  15. Hi to be honest not sure where or what to do. just posted a form to the liquidation firm. I don’t know there position at the time but I’m sure they where trying ti attract business up ti the last mind so they do know there position so have properly creamed .and lined there own pockets before hand makes me wonder did they ever build any property’s or was it all a scam from start to Finnish

  16. Thank you Peter, I doubt if gutted covers the tumult of feeling we are all experiencing at the moment. Hopefully the administrators will not drag their heels.

  17. Both myself and wife felt sick to the corend last Friday when she had discovered the monthly payment had not been paid.
    I got on phone to Harewood and no reply!!!
    Looked on Google and there was the gone into administration info….
    Still getting my head around it all.
    Between us both we had a considerable amount invested..
    Not money you want to throw away.
    Let’s hope the administrators have something to return.
    Lesson I have learned from this is that I will NEVER INVEST in this type of company again.

    Fortunately I had not recommended to others to invest…

  18. Yes gutted is to soft of felling just cannot believe it to think about it I told Kay on few occasion that I felt she was not the same withholding something she replayed its just cash flow issue rich in assets??

  19. Yes but you know we all have been mid led by there secured by assets but let’s just hope there is something left? To be honest these two fat directors look very dodgy to me and had enough time to fill there own pockets if this is true then they need to be put in jail

  20. FAO William Wood. Of course yes it’s very crucial the accuracy of accounts are truthful. They will only be unaudited as of the Government not doing the books to remain the highest level of book keeping, but they will of been audited by someone qualified to do it. The risk of this person(s) lying on the accounts is a long term in prison with their name, register number and address all over the paperwork. You’re correct about the working thru impending insolvency, I felt they were when Kay Kennedy sent out more investment deals of 12% returns for 1 year investment, seemed incredibly far fetched and ludicrous. Now look what’ happened! There is no immediate action to take prior to the administrators still compiling their report findings together for the investors affected within these 8 weeks, but I would keep the news in the headlines, local and if possible push it towards the written press that will then filter into the national news. Involve your local MPs, contact HM Treasury department Head FOA Nicky Morgan MP and inform her of more FCA failings. And of course name and shame the Kiely Brothers and Kay Kennedy on social media for being outright crooks. If you look into their work history they all have form for setting up businesses and running them into the ground, clearly with money in the back pockets to set up another shoddy firm to rip us off.

  21. Hi Bluesmen007
    How do you know of Harewood finances? I was an invester and do hope you are correct in our money being returned

  22. Please please tell the FCA if you have not already – they need to investigated BIG time – The police will surely be involved. I spoke thro emails with Laura she is a lawyer in-house working for Harewoods I explained to her that how can she hold her head up way back in early 2019 – 4 years to build 3 houses with 1.4m in shares collected see companies house 0 The Hamptons – no employees or assets or liabilities just shareholders in fact the SH01 says he repaid – well I never got mine. He has open up a new company in 31/8/18 see Batham Gate Ltd 11513255 surely I mean surely this should be closed – do a check on his name and see what you get. Notice that David Keily is not mentioned much but he is a PSC – will he come out of the clouds after all died down and front the next lot!

  23. I have a monthly request of updates and 30 months of back and forth emails between kay kennedy and mollie Lythgoe. I’m willing to support any actions against robbing me, a serving military man.

  24. They will only be unaudited as of the Government not doing the books to remain the highest level of book keeping, but they will of been audited by someone qualified to do it.

    They haven’t been audited by anyone. Says so on the first page.

    The risk of this person(s) lying on the accounts is a long term in prison with their name, register number and address all over the paperwork.

    No it isn’t. The maximum sentence for lying on company accounts is two years. Even that is highly unlikely if any offence has been committed. The enforcement of white collar crimes is a joke in the UK.

  25. FAO Robert George Kattenhorn
    I have used the website “Company Check” for a few years and in especially watching Harewood Associates stock rise and fall throughout. Let me be clear that mine is an assumption on the wealth of assets currently available on Harewood’s balance sheets displayed from Dec 2018, using financial facts and figures of their business model and the type of business they were involved in ie – luxurious property estates. Without doubt the only truth will that will be conclusive is the administrators findings into this mess within 8 weeks time and determine what’s liquid and what’s illiquid. Until then we all don’t take our foot off the gas in getting this scandal out there into the public and newsroom areas, involving your local MPs, contacting the SFO (even though it’s not classed as fraud yet) get on the FCA back as remember, Harewood Associates wasn’t even on their website as a unregistered company to avoid let alone just being an investment firm on their list. There are so many of these investment businesses folding up now in 2019 it’s frightening, but this one is our fight, so lets fight it.

  26. FAO Brev
    I don’t mind you at all highlighting my previous text with the attempt to embarrass me. As you try to split the camp I will respond to you with clear fact. The term unaudited simply means “unofficial”. This is what I meant by using the Government as a way of being above board on these matters. Think on it this way, if the losses are there to be seen by administrators, so are the profits, they wouldn’t be able to conclude so quickly within 24 hours of notice of these losses wasn’t already audited by someone keeping records since 2010. It’s in-house and not an independent auditor like EY.
    Finally, I don’t know where you are getting your claims from that for financial crime you’d only get a max sentence of 2 years? The serious crimes of false accounting which follows this area of the auditing you’ve brought up carries a maximum prison of 7 years, and 6 years with discharge. 10 to 15 years with actions to defraud the business/public. Doesn’t matter if you believe me or want to shred my comments in half, I’m a victim here and I’ll defend my opinion against you and anyone else.

  27. The term unaudited simply means “unofficial”.

    No it doesn’t. It means the accounts haven’t been audited and signed off by an independent firm of accountants to check that the figures in them are true. Or failing that, to draw attention to the fact the figures cannot be verified.

    If I am “splitting the camp” by dividing it into factions of “people who understand what the accounts say” and “people who don’t” then so be it.

    It does not help Harewood creditors to have unrealistic expectations about the prospect for recovery based on a misunderstanding of what “unaudited” means. The figures in the December 2018 accounts have been entered by Harewood’s directors and have not been checked. They may be true (as of six months ago). They may not. What “unaudited” means is that only the directors know.

    Until the administrators have reported, the prospects for recovery are unknown. The standard procedure when you loan money to a firm that goes into administration is to write it off and treat any recovery as a bonus.

    The maximum sentence under s1112 of the Companies Act is two years. We were talking about the sentence for lying on the accounts. There is little point speculating about fraud and fraudulent accounting unless there is some evidence that fraud has taken place.

  28. FAO Brev
    I think you are splitting the camp. It really doesn’t bother me if you had 99 percent of the investors support on your point of view. I am here and will comment when and as I like with my thoughts and opinions. I have already said the unaudited terminology is unofficial and more likely inhouse audits. The Harewood figures are there to be found online with financial companies dating back to 2010. The accuracy is now to be determined by way of liquidation. I can’t see what you find difficult to grasp about this except looking to split the camp! The prison term guidelines are from the England and Wales Gove. UK website, All the financial criminals of Britain that’s hit the headlines and been found guilty of white collar crimes have been jailed for 10 years or more. So I’m more inclined to follow their stats than yours.

  29. look up Shawn Kiely 2011 do a Google search

    then get yourselves all fired up and do what needs to be done door not relent

  30. I have all original brochures in pristine condition

    taking website site down can’t hide a thing

    unaudited – don’t care they have still to produce true and fair view records

    spv where suppose to be regulated by solicitor never would tell us who and surprisingly the share certs were signed by – you guessed it – nil cola remember her – then kay

  31. Dec 2018 accounts state total assets less liabilities of £37.2m and total creditors (which should include all of us) of £32.7m leaving net assets of £4.5m. Assuming this was true 6 months ago and the valuation used for the assets was accurate, then there ought to be a way out of this. If, on the other hand, the assets turn out to be a bit mythical or grossly over-valued, then our position looks bleak. We won’t know more until the Administrators have had a proper “drains up” look.

  32. I have already said the unaudited terminology is unofficial and more likely inhouse audits.

    There’s nothing unofficial about the words “unaudited financial statements” on the cover page of the accounts. “Inhouse audits” = marking your own homework.

    William Wood, who started this conversation, was quite correct to point out that because the figures in Harewood’s published accounts are unaudited, they cannot be relied upon.

    Building false hope on the idea that “the December 2018 accounts, for which we have only the directors’ word, say that the company’s assets exceeded liabilities” is a recipe for disappointment.

    All the financial criminals of Britain that’s hit the headlines and been found guilty of white collar crimes have been jailed for 10 years or more.

    It would be wonderful to believe this was true, so I will not make your day worse by listing the dozens of people who have committed financial crimes and either not received any sentence beyond a director ban and financial penalties, or not faced any sanction at all. Plus, you know, libel laws.

  33. Let’s be more positive. We are grateful to Brev, and you have had your own input. Many are hurting deeply after investing sizeable amounts. We need to have a way forward- I.e. Specialist advice not from any solicitor or accountant but one who is experienced and regularly (if not exclusively) operates in this field. I don’t know if we should be doing anything in advance of the administrators report in a few weeks. Anyone out there able to offer a helpful way forward?

  34. You don’t have the capacity to give me a bad day. You really should list everything you claim though as you come off pretty sour and fake.

  35. Not had! I will continue to have my own input as a failed investor of Harewood Associates. You really don’t have to reply but if you do know that I defend my opinion.

  36. Bluesman007- All I am trying to do is ensure that this conversation does not descend into a mutual exchange of unhelpful comments (as I have seen elsewhere). We are hurting: let’s look for a solution and not waste our energies on pointless recriminations. I don’t mind and indeed welcome your contributions- all I ask is that we be respectful, courteous and constructive.

  37. to William Wood:
    I spoke to a solicitor friend (though not an investment scam specialist) who advised me to wait til the Administrator’s report is provided and, if possible, attend any creditor’s initial meeting if one is called. At that we point we should consider what steps to take, once we have seen the report. He reckoned Begbies are sound and should do a professional job.

  38. You cannot ensure conversations go the way you intend them to go. My points of view were attacked by your fellow investor yesterday and for a long while this person persisted I was wrong in everything I said. No grey areas or perhaps and maybes, just wrong! What would you do if everything you posted I entered your thread and outright claimed everything you stated was incorrect and ludicrous? Perhaps you are simply calling me out by saying what I’ve posted is unhelpful and pointless and not your friend? I have been nothing but courteous towards yourself when you’ve responded. That’s all we asked of each other, some of us are experienced investors, first timers, in the legal profession or not, we all have right to post and it’s subjective if you think it’s unhelpful or not. I don’t believe you speak for the 1400 investors who have lost their capital! He was not respectful towards me and I won’t be towards this person. You don’t like my point of view then ignore me, but I have the right to post within the structure of what’s acceptable.

  39. Begbies Traynor have already stated in their opening correspondence its 1400 investors.

  40. The Goverment, local council, local MP, banks are fully aware of this company. We informed the council 2 year ago of the scam, indeed the council helped the scam by signing off unfinished sites and did not pursue Harwood or Sherwood. The government have given loans to buy on unfinished sites knowing they would not be finished, so they are culpable in this fraud.

  41. Thanks, as I have not received anything as I have SPV’s and we have not been told anything at all.
    There is strength in numbers please don’t fight each other use it powerfully and be at each others side. UK you have to get your head around this and put it right and also look at all the others out there before it is too late!!!

  42. Although the authorities may be aware of this company and the other companies who behave despicably I still believe the effort should be made to enable the changes necessary to prevent it from continually and repeatedly happening, The only way I know how to effect that change at this time is to keep telling those authorities, government etc. how disgruntled we all are, that not enough has been done. if enough of us stand together and do the same it can change. My eyes have been opened not only by the shock of our loss and the magnitude of that but how easily it can be done, and as has already been said, how people with the position and tools to prevent it are in some cases doing the opposite, enabling it.

  43. Yes of course thank you. Hopefully you will receive news soon. I would contact Begbies Traynor regarding that particular issue and make sure you are not being left out.

  44. I did contact them all they said was I am not a creditor so won’t be on list I am a shareholder – er yes – so who do I contact then – nothing – so those with SPV’s are really in the dark at this stage – I have had mine for 4 years yep – they should have been completed within a year – well it should not take 4 years to build 3 houses – The Hamptons. Thistleton Estates. Holden Vale – by the way Holden Vale is/was being marketed as a success as late as two weeks ago on their front web page – and some on google reviews say they have been repaid – I must have got his back up big time cos they just would not communicate with me at all after about 10/12/18. If you take what they owe SPV’s into the rub – not sure if you can – but hey – the bill really does go up and up

  45. I understand, its an awful worrying time being out of the loop like that. And legally shareholders are always the last in the queue to receive their funds back. While you wait for the 1st report findings from Begbies, you can contact Citizens advice bureau purely for a free consult on your rights and expectations as a shareholder in a failed investment firm. Or do a Google search and look for comparisons to your plight with previous financial companies that went bust and see how ordinary shareholders fared? Generally it’s shareholders that are last in line in liquidation having interest in the corporation rather than the supposed secured assets. Check your shareholder agreement and see what any outcome should arise if Harewood did go bust? Are there any assurances or clad iron promises offered that you’d receive your funds back?

  46. I’m in for the Hamptons for a lot. Same since 2016.. let me know if you get any further correspondence

  47. Hi. thanks for contacting me – well I have been told that the SH01 shows he has repaid share holders everything in Hamptons – like you I have not got a penny been asking for 2 years+ noone can tell me anything – he just says he owes me nothing – I can prove went into Harewoods bank account too? – So I am awaiting the collectors I paid another fortune to – to come up with something been 3 months – he certainly knows how to delay and gets away without answering/replying just makes you want to ensure Karma comes really really early!!!!

  48. I’ve got an email trail from April 16 till Feb 18 the latest states they are reconciling the accounts and expect a letter offering exit?

  49. Has anyone seen or heard the press jump on this at all like ITV BBC. Newspapers – if you only have SPV’s you may not even be aware of them going into administration

  50. Everyone needs to do their bit in shoving this debacle under the written press’s noses on social media. The fastest form of communication able to generate the exposure needed to highlight our cause. I’ll be the first to say we don’t know at this time whether this is a scam or simply failed business venture but the press would be ready to go with the story especially in light of other collapses in the last 18 months, non bigger than London capital and finance plc with is a ponzi fraud of over £237M pounds of the public’s money gone.

  51. What ever happened to the saying – put your money in bricks and mortar you cannot go wrong – now

  52. More than willing to arrange a meeting at the administrators. I’m down 48,000. I remember my phone call with peter where he stated he didn’t want to annoy a military man.

  53. I definitely feel your angst at what’s happening and you’ve invested just a smidge more than what I’ve currently lost. Be aware unless you already knew the administrators will charge the fund pot to their services for any type of communication towards them unless they otherwise saye so. A committee meeting will cost the investors a clear grand in paying them what they take out of the fund pot. They will be Law request the option to set up an investors committee in a few weeks after their first report findings.

  54. I spoke with my MP this morning, it would be useful if as many of us as possibly can contact theirs too. Usually you can send an email and they will respond or drop them a line.It won’t entirely solve our problem but its a positive action and aids getting the word out there. There are after all several other companies that potentially could be used exactly as this one has,

  55. Hi there – I think you had a lucky day being able to get hold of Peter – I can tell you I tried so many times – called – emailed – even got a friend to try and get hold as a new investor – would not take any calls – Laura asked me for my mobile then decided not to call ever……….a right sham of a company we all fell for – very professionally organised – but – lets see if they have covered their financial obligations to the ‘T’ as I am positive the administrators will find something or a lot of something if they haven’t – we just have what is it 6 weeks now to go

  56. Hi Pauline – I emailed Bolton MP Mr Crausby in April sent him then the Bolton News article 9th June I also copied in Doug Smith – Paul Snape – Hyra Sutton – never got any sort of a response so don’t hold your breath.
    I also emailed and offer to help administration wise the MP who sorted out same day loans – Stella – stella@workingforwalthamstow.org.uk – again absolutely nothing..I just cannot get my head around – where were all these MP’s when there – were signs! – disgraceful. So I have been doing my bit…..

  57. 6 weeks until what may I ask? I have had no correspondence from anyone apart from this.

  58. If you have any SPV’s you won’t hear anything – you are not on the radar – only creditors which seems like just the bond people

  59. I asked the administrators and they said they are not looking at them as we are not creditors – I asked so where do I go from here as I have some from 2015 (2) all been exited but I have not received funds – who do I contact – they just said we are only dealing with creditors not shareholders. I am just sick of it all – if this is the UK and I feel like its purgatory – what must it be like to deal in other countries!
    If you find out let us all know – as SPV’s will not know unless they look on internet!

  60. If you are a Hamptons investor I’d like to see how many are out there and what if anything has been discussed. That or I’m going to have to knock on a few doors

  61. I am Hamptons – Thistleton – Holden Vale – investor SPV’s – look at the SH01 on Hamptons call Co House to explain what it is to you – All shares in Hamptons been repaid – you and me did not get paid!

  62. The Hamptons you can find out as the shares listing on Co House for Hamptons lists us all – they will tell you where to look – if not get back to me 074 74 028029 – keep in touch

  63. I have a transaction of £49000 with a CHAPS protection receipt to harewood associates 8 March 16…. certainly would notice that popping back in any of my accounts as I would be on super tax straight away.

  64. I also produced proof that my money went into Harewoods account – still Peter K says he owes me nothing! – How does that work……My bank still shows history going back to 2016 and prior – he cannot prove he has paid me cos he has not – others have had some and they have reinvested for them into these bonds balances so how on earth are the calls going to work out for us

  65. Hope you get it Danby if its to do with hardwoods then its by by £49k mine was £44k

  66. Yes Danby do that if you can get hold of them I believe they are on holidays someware on you and me expense

  67. Hello again Peter – let your inlaws know what we are doing please she will need support – got Dannys contact details – and yours – so if any of us hears even a sniff – please do contact us

  68. well the accounts assistant is AAT qualified so she has a professional body to answer to and as I already stated Laura is a qualified lawyer – then we have his secretary and Kath – all had emails from me – so no-one can claim they know nothing – just a deaf ear as they say

  69. I’ve arranged an appointment with Bolton news in Military uniform with my solicitor hopefully.

  70. Yes they know full well they are drinking shampane now having a laugh talking about how stupid we have been ugly fat bastards

  71. well done – I am also ex forces – I do hope you get somewhere – the Bolton news did the article – (Harewoods also had their logo plastered all over the place cos they did ‘charity’ stuff to make themselves look so so kind and generous) – that I saw from someone I got friendly with a few months ago in Bolton – when this broke she did not know how to tell me – without that I would still be in the dark – so again best wishes

  72. I have no plan to do anything but go straight to the source with official support for a good discussion utilising my media links. This has my full attention now and I will be dealing with it and the team involved relentlessly until this is resolved.

  73. Hi EEC it can’t hurt to keep trying everything we can eh, good to hear the action people are taking. I’m trying some other routes but hitting some dead ends.

  74. they can all duck and dive – if we all keep at it – someone somewhere will sit up and take stock – if not wait till next election – I will be asking – where were you when I needed you and the UK needs a big revamp on unregulated companies like yesterday!!!!

  75. Yes, regulation is long overdue and real consequences rather a slap on the wrist too.

  76. As he is a limited company so can trade how he likes by the looks of it – if they can’t find anything(!) then he can legally walk away – start again – and off we go…

  77. If you are Hampton linked please correspond to my email with name and investment amount please.

  78. To one and all-
    I have emailed a barrister who specialises in this area and she would be keen to help us. She wants the “point of sale” documentation and details of the administrators. I’ll try and deal with that tomorrow.

  79. Danny maybe when you have your meeting you can mention that spv holders have not been informed of anything and that the shares are in their deveopment sites that have been finishe’d and in most cases sold and that the sites have their own company registration number

  80. Hi glad to here William that you are doing
    something these greasy bastards need shooting and still open for buissnes up to the day of liqudasion so what does that tell you ? Pete

  81. hi, dont quite know what to say as like so many others lost so much, there are no words that go deep enough for this. please everyone try not to be rude to others it does not help this awful situation.

  82. People I am in the funding business myself and to be absolutely honest, not one of these mini bonds (or junk bonds) are safe! Not one! Not half of one!

    They all suffer from two fundamental flaws.

    1. They all pay huge commissions to those who gather the investors, unseen to the investor, sometimes making a return almost impossible.

    2. The last person to be paid is the investor, after every broker, platform, fund raiser and borrower has had all their slice at the outset, the investor has to wait until the project matures.

    There is a reason why these activities are unregulated, and there is a reason why credible private lenders are so careful with their loan choices. It’s because every single transaction you could ever see or ever enter into is being completed with bond money ONLY because they cannot fund the loan in any other way. They have tried every lender. They have tried every bank, challenger bank, private bridging firm and HNW individual they or their brokers know of.

    Seriously, learn from this, pick yourself up and once and for all, accept that there are no such things as low risk high return investments. My heart goes out to fundamentally decent people I see here and in the press who have simply chosen to believe what they think are good companies offering them and their families a decent return for a low risk. Its lies, all of it!

    As for wasting time on legal people, the only winner will be them! Yes you may win, but who is going to compensate you for money that is now lost? You will however, still be required to pay the bills to the QC and solicitors you instruct. And it will eat away at you.

    Likewise peer to peer. Everyone gets paid before the investor. On day one these firms take all the interest up front, all their arrangement fees up front and all their loan management fees up front. The investor then waits up to 12 months (being drip fed from their own pre-funded interest each month) before they wait to be redeemed. If the loan goes into recoveries then everyone but the investor has already been paid!

    Lending and bond investment is TOTALLY inappropriate for ANY member of the public unless they can totally afford to lose their capital, and even then a great deal of DD must be carried out into each loan. I have seen loans against GDV many times. Who lends against GDV? Or should I say Hope Value! It’s insane, and driven again by a mix of naivety, blind trust and greed for the promised returns.

    I know I am preaching to many of the converted, and indeed this website does a great job in championing the truth, but I think every now and then, like I have written, people need to be reminded of the harsh truth of what they are getting into BEFORE they part with their cash.

    As a private bridging firm all our money comes from seasoned wealthy people who have been lending a long while and make joint decisions with us, one person one deal. Their choice, their risk. This is exactly how it should be.

    All the best.


  83. Thank you James, as most of us suspected I think, but helps to see it in black and white.

  84. hi I think it’s whether or not the business practices were all up front that most are eager to find out. being told lies – ducking and diving and well dishonest when dealing with their own investors in 6 weeks we will know. They do not have a good track record at all some say yet able to keep doing the same old thing and not a sole doing anything to help the ignorant/nieve thro this disgraceful trading platform. I never thought the UK would ever stoop so low as to take money legally from hard working people and think it’s perfectly ok cos “they should have known better” when those who trade like this know how bad a deal it is

  85. hi I think it’s whether or not the business practices were all up front that most are eager to find out. being told lies – ducking and diving and well dishonest when dealing with their own investors in 6 weeks we will know. They do not have a good track record at all some say yet able to keep doing the same old thing and not a sole doing anything to help the ignorant/nieve thro this disgraceful trading platform. I never thought the UK would ever stoop so low as to take money legally from hard working people and think it’s perfectly ok cos “they should have known better” when those who trade like this know how bad a deal it is

  86. EEC, thanks for your reply. You are still in denial. Of course you have been told lies! Seriously, you must try to stop looking for any shred of good to come from this. There is none! People have been persuaded to part with their cash in exchange for a huge commission! You honestly MUST grasp this and move on. As with any HYIP (High Yield Investment Programme) its a scam. You are holding onto something that does not exist. Forget track records, forget everything – its a con! Its a con to make you part with your cash and the sales people doing this are earning obscene amounts of money for every transaction. Reality wake up call – every £1000 you send, there is up to £250 being paid in commission. These deals can only go one way!

  87. Good evening Harewood Investors. NOTICE: There is a Investors Support Group for Harewood investors affected by the recent administration and loss of your funds now on FACEBOOK.

    It’s not a closed group currently, and anyone can join up just by liking and following the page. It’s a much easier and faster flowing forum on FACEBOOK to connect and exchange information with each other and hopefully the lure of financial experts and the press media.

    If you don’t have a FACEBOOK account, please create and open up one asap to join in. If you have an account already then please head over there now and spread and share the word.

    See link below and click/or copy paste to be taken to the FACEBOOK HAREWOOD SUPPORT GROUP


  88. I feel desperately sorry for anyone who has ever had any dealings with Peter Kiely.

    I can guarantee that Mr.K would think nothing of splashing over 8k every friday & saturday night in a certain private members club in central manchester while his lacky ex taxi driving chauffeur waited outside all night,telling anyone who would listen all about mr K’s immense wealth(not a very loyal and trustworthy employee then clearly!!!!!! and would often still be their as late as 7am for Mr.K and usually some very pretty ladies to dissapear back to Mr.Ks old house in Bolton!!!!.

    Sherwood Homes is next to go down i guarantee and dont be fooled by old David the current registered director of Sherwood,he is an old family friend and merely a stooge in this game along with Ailsa Soo, Gloria Hindle & others,all kld family friends amd stooges for many of Kielys companies.

    Kay kennedy..Wow when that girl started working for Mr K she was hideously unnatractive however with some tasty cash payments she upgraded her dental work and skin state into what it is today…… Still looks as fake as any promised returns though ???.

    Sadly, Peter Kiely his brother David and many other family members (Brendan,Paul,Shaun and young Harrison) all have form for thus type of thing…. it really does pay to due very indepth due dilligence when dealing with individuals like this.

    Oh and Peter Kiely also owes 3 members of staff(incidentally not on payroll but paid in cash every friday at the hq) over 3.5k.

    Their is lots more that could be said about Peter Kiely and hus other Brother Paul Kiely also bolton based (Provence group collapses google it).

    They have honed the art of thesw “scams” down to a tee although Paul Kiely wasnt quite as lucky with his house Ousel Nest as this was repossesed by creditors during his bankruptcy!!

    You should have seen his face at that time ????

    I hope something can be recovered for Kielys victims in Harewood but i fear that may not be the case ultimately as they have all done this and variations of this many times before and nothing much has really happened to them although that may change with this case hopefully!!!

  89. It would seem that the directors and some others can look forward to a long prison sentence.
    If it was up to me they would just get bread and water.

  90. this is the most effective and true full thing I have read and I hope the administrators do their job 100% and they sll get locked the lot of the holders on- staff -acquaintances – family paid out of my investment –
    as accessories I can smell the steel its perfect and thank you for coming out you are a very good person I wish you luck and happiness for the future

  91. Helen Bradbury – please keep your information coming we need to know the scale of spending and cash dealings that went/are still going on – we have to get everything out from under the stones – and thank you

    Danny please do update us

    I am not willing or able to drop this – they are probably hoping we will all run out of steam – but this MUST not happen keep digging and bring it all to the table please

  92. SPV’s if you have NOT sent an enquiry to the Administrators you really must – the amount of money sent into Harewood’s should be accounted for no matter what it was for – or the true picture may not be seen. If you have info of any sort please think of us all and just let the administrators decide if it is fake – relevant or needs just investigating – They must answer for their trading model in the fullest sense.
    ps do not put your phone numbers on here scammers may try and contact you saying they can help? Do not be tempted.

  93. Is everyone aware that KAY KENNEDY has resigned from HAREWOOD ASSOCIATES and in the process of removing her name from many financial registered websites becoming more difficult to keep track of? While the main two fat cat Kiely Brothers remain at the helm of HAREWOOD and conducting affairs with our administrators, these other Ex mid management level staff like MISS KENNEDY should be allowed to slink off into the undergrowth to set up shop somewhere else while we’ve all currently lost our money. Before her information was taken down on COMPANIES HOUSE she showed she has form for doing this in business, co-working for a small investment firm attracting millions of pounds of public investment, earning huge amounts of commission before jumping ship and leaving everyone dealing with the fallout in her callous wake. She’s as guilty as anyone with her constant lies and excuses while promoting more business for fresh investment even though she was aware HAREWOOD was fatally terminal as a entity. Anyone who had business with KAY KENNEDY and the other women setting up your investments, you owe it to yourself to locate her internet footprints as this could turn into a criminal investigation of money laundering.

  94. Yes I am aware as again someone in Bolton has said the offices are empty – so they must have all gone – keep your eyes and ears open everyone – let us know their next step I too will keep on seeking never letting up at all until justice is done – if you have any dirt whatsoever – let us all hear of it – the Administrators will be also be gleaming as much as they can you can be assured of that – so keep it coming my colleagues in this devastating investment circle – keep it coming……
    ps it is not hard to find these people if you have a certain amount of info – they are living in the midst of it all – and would be within a certain radius of the commute!

  95. I’m currently doing my digging on her as she’s quite repulsive in her lies and greed. And have found a lot on her – that track record of her jumping in and out of failed businesses to then set up another one is something to be alarmed of. She’s a Bolton local lass about town and not a shy one at that so easy to spot once her pic gets in the press news media. There’s one thing with the offices now empty – there’s no requirement of hanger-on staff claiming administrative wages from the investment fund in staying on manning the phones, emails and website. That’s a good thing. They are rats though.

  96. Look on 192.com – I found where she lives after checking her charity work that she did for Harewoods now – she will either be selling up – getting married to change her name – or just walking around brazenly thinking she has got out of it……..we await

    I have found some interesting emails going way back – I have sent copies to the Administrators they need to see stuff – they should decide if its relevant or not – not us – so do your searching too – find stuff that they could use to get a full story – even SPV’s ….happy hunting

  97. Not thought to look there (192.com) to be honest, just going thru the financial pages finding her name and the same band of names associated with those fat Kiely creeps time and time again setting up these shoddy businesses then dissolving them after a couple of years. I’ll take a look on 192, she’s fair game now. The hunt’s on.

  98. look I have some links I can send to you all but I am just ensuring that they are kosher – so keep an eye open by end of this week – make your blood more than boil

    Please please keep digging we must get a good pattern of events I have sent my original brochures to administrators for all my SPV please do also the same as I did not invest in many – thank goodness – any emails showing deceit anything send them – it can’t hurt at all now to dish any dirt……..

    if you email me a message privately I can discuss more so more eyes and ears the better on where to look – slime slime

  99. Emma Foster MAAT – a professional body that she has to be accountable to also sending out details of investments and did calculations in the er books
    I am still digging – come on help me – please do some………….

  100. No available link I see to find a private email link to you! I didn’t know Begbies are accepting evidence from us yet? The admins will always ask what they need from us after the 1st report letter findings in 5 weeks time.

  101. EEC Can you send me an email so I can reply privately, I cant find your address now .

  102. They will accept anything that we want to send to them I can assure you – think we may have to go facebook to do can’t find here how to send to you as not making it public.

    Peter and Danny do you know how we do it

  103. Ok, I think we are already going as public as we dare. I also found Miss K. Her new business is open for comment.

  104. Pauline I would like to know more about that – can you go on facebook is it now closed so we can talk more openly


  106. Hi everyone thanks ever so for your detective work now I wonder where Laura is! We will find them all – how did she fund the new business venture!!!!
    My mobile is way above – you can text me – I will forward email address but ensure I know you are kosher

  107. Hi everyone I am deciding when to have my lashes done and where – bet you cannot guess!
    Companies House is so informative did not take me long at all – 2 mins.

  108. I seem to recall that somewhere on this thread it was stated that she had a legal qualification. Whether she was on the roll of solicitors in England and Wales i do not know. Her surname was Jones.

  109. pauline – a real pleasure talking with you – keep digging – I will send you my email later

  110. Mollie is available on twitter with photo just seen it – probably all are available! Just a thought – nice to see some have found jobs so quickly so are earning – not like us oaps we cannot put back what Harewoods have taken from us ever – KARMA is on its way – I do hope administrators that are looking into everything do a really really good job on our behalf!

  111. Danny, did you manage to get any more into or find out anything else useful that you can share

  112. well done sleuth whose money did he pay his fines with and more to the point sher wood homes is next shall we take bets

  113. Rightmove may tell us when he moved and how much he paid for the privilege of living in that area – and at whose expense!!!

  114. Hi Tony I just had a marvellous thought – instead of waiting for PK to invite us all round for tea we should all invite ourselves – wouldn’t that be a picture!

  115. Hi every invest future? Corrector. Like me. Bricks and mortar was the safe bet for thefutute correct . so we invested our money in safe bricks and mortar?? So its obvious now to see its been a 10 year scam in the making . ? And the two fat bastards 100% did know what they whore doing 100% jail is to good for them for the shit they have given us . to be honest I have no confidence in this ferm that has taken over the company??? Pete toms

  116. Yes that’s good making everone think brick and mortar is safe as houses? And nothing to
    go wrongc? But it looking like we have been taken for a. Ride.take care petex

  117. Hi everyone – yes a nice 10 house cut-de-sac – anyway I digress – can someone tell me why David Kiely is not being mentioned please as he was a PSC in Harewoods – and where is he…………

  118. Peter – please stay calm at the mo by end of July we will know how well they have done their job – they have to they have a reputation to uphold and you know what – loads of eyes are on them – they are under intense scrutiny don’t you think ?- lets find out if what we have a gleamed from all sorts of avenues is fact – fiction – FRAUD – book your places at the Old Bailey…..

  119. Yes the police should be called on this as its obviiuse to anybody they where still selling bonds up to the day it had seased trading

  120. I am also aware of this number :

    RE: NFRC190302868680. this number was logged against Harewoods on 22/3/2019 too

    Action Fraud Team

  121. Tony – he has/had another home in Bolton – see H Bradbury above – he may be hiding in the cupboard or had he built a hideaway in readiness……..

  122. Financial Conduct Authority – reported ref number – can’t name source but definitely a complaint logged with them

  123. Of course keep your source. I find this interesting because Harewood’s own website claimed it didn’t require FCA authorisation and never displayed any such number on their webpages or brochures. Nevertheless it will help enormously with they actually had protected activities.

  124. yep they said a lot of things in their adverts which we are now a testament to and in emails hopefully it will be part of the administrators reporting – if staff new 100% and participated because they were paid well or liked the job anyways are they culpable – that’s the question. I was promised financial information over and over again by staff in emails but got zilch – unacceptable – I await with eagerness. There is still company law that they should have been adheying to I sent in what they were first me as a shareholder I got silence treatment that was there answer time and time again x

  125. Surely it cannot possibly be that they are untouchable. There is far too much hard evidence from investors, that they, directors and staff alike deliberately and repeatedly misled us, and enticed re-investment or delayed withdrawal when they clearly knew well in advance of that time, that they should not be operating?
    Nice new houses and fancy cars together with company Christmas parties abroad paid for by investors, when they refused to pay us, are i would say how they managed to put their conscience on one side, if they had one in the first place?

  126. pauline I am also sure there were many other perks too we need some staff who left to come forward and spill the beans because they have a conscience if in this trade anyone ever had one – I am glad I don’t mix in these circles they seem to be quite conscience less human beings……..

  127. whoever thinks can you clarify what you mean by taken over I want to pursue this but need more info as I know that the offices are completely empty – please confer

  128. To EEC and all: Is the group a closed group yet? There is no point in discussing strategy until we have the assurance that this is not open to the general public. We will not be able to exclude representatives from the Company entirely, but at least other facebook people would not be able to follow it.

  129. I’ve asked for this closed group status 2 weeks ago and the owner said he’ll do it but didn’t know how to back then. I think at present it’s still an open group, you can just send him a private message and ask the question? Failing that you can set up a private group yourself?

  130. Thank you. Unfortunately I don’t have the necessary skills. Can anyone help?

  131. The administrator of the current Facebook group is the only person who can turn it into a ‘secret’ group, Then that person would need to invite each member personally and individually I believe.

  132. I really not sure what to believe now but I sure they would of tryed make sure they get away with fraud they said our money was secured on the property’s and they said never lost money on any property? So if this is true then where is our money? Fraud squad should be brought in now

  133. hi I have just opened up a Facebook for the support group only I don’t have any idea how to check if it’s open or closed

  134. The Facebook page will state in the left hand side of the screen if its closed group otherwise open groups don’t say anything.

  135. Reading through many comments and information and also being a victim of Harewoods demise, it seems that people should keep communicating and delving. Whether there is a case for fraud will surely come to light in time (quickly hopefully), legislation possibly favours a sad outcome for many people who have trusted there money to this company. Lets hope Begbie Traynors findings offer some solice to all concerned with some kind of justice.

  136. hi pauline yes i aggree with you this is totall fraud on a big scale these people have more or less stolen peoples money i know of one man that has lost £800,000 its been stolen from him to feed those fat slops they all are involved in this fraud i want to see the police involved now as i hope these people that have taken over to look in to whats been going on are good and not involved ?? its the police fraud squad that would do a proper job as they whore advertising selling bonds up till the last day of trading and knowing full well had no intension of paying out the bonds, if i would of known this about paying on the maturity date ,i would not of re invested with the company,

  137. Yes it surely must be some kind of fraud as if you play things by the book and are stalled and not given relevant information as to the goings on that may affect your investment, that may well come under the grounds of suspect activity at best. Begbie Traynor probably hold the key as to how events will unfold and like you say Peter lets hope are completely independent on matters!

  138. How can it not be fraud and wrong doing. Knowing that you can’t possibly carry on in business because you cannot already meet commitments and agreements and yet offering enhanced rates to suck people in, surely that is blatant fraud ?

  139. Found Laura and Peter K in same company – both directors since 31.May.17 of

    Poplar Management Company BB3 0DG – Residents Property Managements would be associated also with other companies too – I would put money it – or would I!!!!

  140. Yes it has to be fraud 1000% hope they get what they disserve jail them sell there mansion where has the money gone it was suppose to be in property’s what did they day ? We have never sold a property at a loss that was still advertised right up to the end

  141. I take a grain of comfort from the fact they have gone into administration and not as yet liquidation. Looking at the balance sheet lodged at the end of last year, I note that the tangible assets comprise about £40k for vehicles and equipment and, curiously, some investments of over £1m. How investments can be tangible and what they comprise I am not sure. My main point being they do not own any property.
    Clearly, Harewood’s are financial gamblers. They take your money and lend it to someone else (apparantly house construction firms), hoping to make enough to pay investors back their capital with interest, plus a nice bit for themselves. Their introductory blurb said they take 25% of any profit.
    It may be that the joint venture investments are not included in Harewood Associates accounts as they were with individual registered companies set up for each site, but the same gambling principle applies.
    Presumably, the amount against ‘Debtors’ of £40m is substantially money they have lent out and if they eventually get it back, depending on the development completion, we should see the return of much of the fixed return investment.
    Is there anyone out there with accounting knowledge to say if any of my thinking is on the right lines or is the likelihood a total loss?


  142. Hi Ed,

    Good point! lets hope this maybe the case! being an investor this has brought me much grief!
    Not sure how long a process like this can take? anyone know?

  143. To be totally honest I don’t believe we will see another penny I lost £44k my step daughter £14k I know one who lost £100k and another man 91 yrs old who has lost £800,000 these Harewoods people had it all work out his life time savings gone to these fraudster

  144. Can you or anybody take the PIC of these two smiling crooks off they churn my stomach just looking at them each day fat ugly greeady bastards I hope they get at least 20 yrs jail each and the whole lot of them Kay kennady molly or what ever her name is there all in to this fraud if I robbed a bank I would get 12 yes these basterds have robbed old people

  145. no one at 91 should be allowed to invest outside a bank today’s ‘B’ are all around us they are not equipt to understand what’s happened to the UK – they should have been forced to have legal advocate – utterly utterly heartbreaking for them and what might be inheritance – I am so shocked myself that this can happen in the UK it needs to go onto the curriculum in all schools

  146. and Peter that’s exactly who they aimed at 100% and they got us – a tad over 3 weeks left…….I am waiting

  147. Yes the old people that wanted to top there pension up and banks not paying nothing so they sucked them in and left them with nothing I hate these people I was told yesterday that the police are now involved hope its true cos its in another way robbed us all and think a slap on the rust will be it

  148. The administrators say 8 weeks from start of June…..a few more weeks to go…..

    I love speaking with you all outside of this arena – we have a strong bond……I hate that word now!

  149. I wonder if we will receive anything at the end of this?? I also guess its likely to take years??
    anyone had a similar experience?

  150. Well lets hope that bond holds us all together long enough to see these roughs brought to justice .

  151. Good and I suppose its to early for the police fraud squad to be involve till these people have suppose gone through everything but my self I don’t think much of these administrator I spoke with mark dyer the other day. To me my impression was I don’t think they will turn over every stone ?

  152. Hi EEC sorry what do you mean before and after to compare? Not sure what you mean? Pete

  153. Peter – he is all happy – knock knock on the door – take a pic – wouldn’t that be nice to compare!

  154. Peter get a load of this:
    SPV = shares in a development paid into Harewoods bank account
    All shareholders are listed on Companies House with that development
    That development has nothing – no employees – no assets – no liabilities no building as offices
    The administrators say we have to contact them – the SPV development that is – HOW ON EARTH DOES THAT WORK
    words fail me sometimes – you think educated people would at least help you…………..

  155. EEC – You will find a description of how an SPV works here – https://www.propertyinvestor.co.uk/Exhibitors/exhibitor/ExhibitorProfile/506
    I suggest you write to the Solicitor who allegedly records each shareholder’s involvement in a separate account ( I think they call them escrow accounts). Ask him/her to confirm that the profit from the development is paid directly to him/her for distribution and will not be affected by Harewood’s being in administration. You probably will not get an answer and ou will need to find out who Harewood’s Solicitors are.

  156. thingy this is by far the best info I have had to date I will pass on to my debt collectors who should have had this info weeks ago – seems they too took my money and well are sitting around just waiting for administrators report- thanks so much by the way I doubt if the sols mentioned in their adverts which were I think jww who are in manchester even know who harewoods were they may now cos we should all phone them see if their name was used shall we say by mistake!

  157. EEC – Bear in mind that no money is paid out until all the properties involved in the SPV have been sold. Is that the case with the one you are tied into? Even if not, there may be some money in your account if one or more of the properties have been sold but you will not be able to get it yet. You might be able to find who the developers are and ask them what the situation is on sales.

  158. all are sold last one was Hampton sold as per rightmove before xmas THE Hampton a rest sold before Sept 18

  159. I am reading that a similar situation has now got all investors coming together to the high Court to place all companies into administration that the guy is invvedette in – would that be great if they say yes – I am following the case on Facebook

  160. well they are a few weeks ahead of us at this stage so we may well have the outcome just on time…..

  161. Yes Laura Jones was a qualified Lawyer 3 years ago she was doing her PhD – she is mentioned with Peter Kiely with number of still active Directorships!!!!!!!
    All you have to do is put her name into Companies House and his and you will see everything that they are involved in as an officer – well almost everything

  162. Thistleton had share investments of £1,987,333 – The Hamptons £1,346,933 – Holden Vale £1,641,763 all these have been sold and completed –
    Woodland Rise £1,037,745 – Pro Investments hold a lot of shares – all on public view at Co House – where is the money – follow the money – where do we start

  163. EEC thank you for the info. Lets hope something of that can be recovered one way or another and sent our way.

  164. I have looked at Sherwood Homes accounts on CH – terrible reading you must look as this is who has completed most if not all of the developments money was invested in – I was told this would not be the case by Nichola when I invested – they do not give the same developer all the opportunities even if they come in lower – well CRA……. again I was fed. I cannot get any contact details for SH the one I found they won’t answer or reply – sounds very very familiar doesn’t it – oh – yes the Kiely’s resigned not too long ago………….here we go again – on and on and on…….

  165. Moving and replying to comment from EEC left on today’s Park First post.

    Brev who writes and responds to up-to-the-minute news on Bondreview – can you look at `Harewoods SPV investments and come up with something tangible that we can start to look at where is our money – as the Administrators are not interested in us per say just creditors – If the Solicitors will not respond and the developer will not respond apart from being totally disgusting and other words I cannot print – what do you do to find out where your money is in an spv?????

    I have no more insight into Harewoods than you do.

    If you own a non-controlling share in an unlisted company then there is essentially nothing you can do except a) sit and wait for dividends or b) sell it to someone else.

    What is the SPV actually called?

  166. Preference shares only held in company with nothing else but shares – namely The Hamptons – Thistleton Estates – Holden Vale – to name a few all have company numbers at CH – no assets – no employees – no liabilities – all sites have been sold – all domestic house building sites of small number ie 3 – 6 dwellings – We all are suppose to get back capital + profit shares once sites are sold with caveat of part exchanges – but Holden Vale and Thistleton were finished before Sept 18 – The Hamptons 18th Dec 18 – not a sole will communicate with us and we have no where to go unless someone can show us………I have been informed that 100% probability that Sherwood Homes build them all – they won’t respond – Kiely’s have resigned leaving just one Director and their accounts don’t make good reading at all! I have sent email to Solicitor mentioned in their PR – nothing.

  167. So investors have handed over money for preference shares which, surprise surprise, carry no voting rights, in various companies which (going by a quick look at Thistleton) appear to have done nothing with their money.

    Whose PR? Harewood’s? You need a solicitor acting for you, not them. If of course you want to take the risk of throwing good money after bad.

    The other practical option is to write the shares off and forget about them, given they are unsaleable.

    I am gathering that the administrators have said the SPVs are not their problem at this stage. Unlike investors in Harewood’s loans, there is no debt to enforce against the SPVs. Unless investors can take the directors to court for not acting in the interests of all shareholders (see above, solicitors, good money, bad) I can’t see what they can do.

    How did investors get sucked into this? Especially given Harewood had no authorisation to solicit investment in either shares or loan notes? Cold calling, Internet ads, introducers, friends/family?

  168. at height of houses needed they had fantastic adverts on Internet from at least 2014 beautiful brochures can’t understand how it was ever legal so wanthat you uneed stand on what platform it was allowed Hamptons he got 1.34m in – sold the 3 houses for 1.1 so where did all the costs get calculated as I have it in writing that harewoods were doing them there was a prof it cos the houses were not as nice as brochure and 3 houses would never cost 1.1m

  169. The sole purpose of the spv company registration is to list the shareholders and how many shares each hold so that when the payout is made, the pro-rata amount of ‘profit’ can be distributed accordingly. The list is updated at 12 month intervals to show who has been paid. The list always includes Harewoods own shares [under such as Harewood Venture Capital] which are the balance of the 1000 shares not owned by others at that point. That is how Harewood recover their outlay, management costs and at least 25% of the profit as notified in the offer brochure. The offer brochure usually includes an estimate of anticipated outlay and profit showing cost of land, building, road, sewer, public services, estate agent fees, etc., and hence it is not just building cost.
    Quite a few spv’s have been completed and paid out as planned but Thistleton, as at 03/04/2019, shows 417 unpaid-out investors shares at £1987, Hamptons at 20/03/2019, 712 investors shares at £1346, Holden at 20/3/2019, 346 investors at £1641.
    A number of others sites show unpaid shares. Overall in the order of £4-5m but by far the greatest proportion of investments is in the fixed rate group.

  170. Well the thing is SUV shares or Harewoods bonds they wore all part of the same company that HSS gone to administration people with SUV are not any better chance than people with bonds this has all been worked out by Harewood before hand and the money has gone we have all been sucked in by these cleaver con men and woman so in my mind say ta ta to what you have lost we have been suckers it was looking to good and the old saying is .yes then it properly is . take it from me and if there is day 10% for example coming to each and everyone of us sukers then you be very lucky in my mind Harewoods knew this day was coming one day once they stopped paying out on maturity dates on bonds then it was over and now I know this I would not gone sack to them but there was that problem back in Feb 2017 so the money is well hidden from the administrators you mite as well face reality now and move on . I then if we all got a grand back it would be a bonus

  171. Peter, I am unfortunately of a similar mind although I want to try to have these people and their kind prevented from doing the same to other trusting folks. There are still those out there, like us who think that in this country, in this day and age these things surely just can’t happen. As we found to our great cost, It can.

  172. Will – The Facebook group is mastered by investor Johnny Mills and he intends to turn it into a closed group when the Administrator makes his report. There is no way he will avoid a Harewood’s mole monitoring any plans but, to me, it looks like just another outlet for blowing off steam. No positive ideas of how to push for money recovery being disclosed yet. Very wise.

  173. There’s at least one Facebook page which has been posted above. I am not involved with any; investors going off-forum should beware of recovery fraud (people approaching them claiming they can get their money back)

  174. Ed – I can’t thank you enough for this information I have tried to get info myself with no luck – simply The Hamptons for instance had well over £1.3m in shareholding and I have always suspected that some have had their money – not sure how that works but the figures with share cost and numbers unpaid are far less – we were told very explicitly that no share holding could be returned until ALL share certs were redeemed by sending them in when requested – so I am not a bit happy and I suspect neither will others be if they have chosen to pay out or transfer into other investments for some shareholders from spv’s – of course if they have been repaid before all this – then we have another scenario – Oh wouldn’t I like to speak to PETER KIELY – KAY KENNDY – LAURA JONES – MOLLY – as a start – right now!!!!

  175. Peter – company house – The Hamptons – Holden Vale – Thistleton Estates – are still active with money showing as shareholding – money held in shares is shown and shareholders are listed – so – who can close these down – and where then does the close down investments go to – now that’s a question! We are not yet beaten – believe me – I have so much fight in me…….

  176. It seems that everyone in the industry who new these people new about this – so it was allowed in my opinion because they did not invest so had no interest in rocking the boat – if they did – we would not be in this situation – where on earth are the laws in the UK for goodness sake to stop these leaches – and I am being so so kind – sucking the elderly and naive of all their saving – humanity – trust et all…………AUTHORITIES WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE – go after them all – PUT A STOP TO IT – NOW NOW NOW!!!!!!

  177. I wonder if Harewood Associates holding of 376 shares in Peel Gardens (Edenfield ) has been cashed in to put in the pot for those of us they owe ?

  178. Pauline – they are perfectly entitled to do what the like with it, but as they are struggling to keep the business afloat their first priority will be to pay any creditors such as suppliers or contractors threatening to take them to court..

  179. I really hope the administrators will ensure that building houses by top rate developers was a loss making exercise according to the books of harewoods no matter what size site even hamptons 3 houses after getting in 1.3m. Are we to believe that all the documentation of purchases were cost coded to correct site and that any wip has been valued correctly! Did the sols manage the payments! What is going to hsppen to the unfinished – half built sites…..

  180. EEC – Re where to drill. I have been using the ‘confirmation’ statements under ‘Filing History’ of the company information on the Companies House website but I cannot see any mention of payout on the Peel Gardens files. Where did you get that from Pauline?

  181. Ed – Companies house, peel gardens endfield ltd filing, first pdf. lists shareholders

  182. Ed – and it doesn’t say ‘payout’ , simply lists who has shares at that time. Payout would come under a different heading.i would think.

  183. Pauline – Wow, blogging in the middle of the night! The confirmation statements listing shareholders have to be submitted every 12 months and as they progress, the shares paid out are listed as transferred – i.e. transferred to Harewoods when investors surrender their certificates. When all transferred, the company is dissolved.

  184. Hi that pice of paper on a normal a 4paper is worth less its not like buying buying shares say from ICI your shares are as worth less as my bonds

  185. EEC – The company I am talking about is the spv company, not Harewoods. If you don’t surrender the certificate when Harewoods send the notification that the money is available for transfer, you won’t get your money. In that respect, the certificate it is worth keeping safe. Lots of payouts have been made and sites fully paid off but it could all be operating as a ponzi scheme.

  186. Ed why would surrendered shares in Peel Gardens be added to Harewoods holding specifically and no other share holder ? And yes, some of us get more peace in the middle of the night !

  187. And surely those shares are assets held by Harewood Associates and should be added to what may be paid back to the people they owe. It would also stand to reason they have wealth in other companies as share holdings too right ?

  188. ED just wanted to say thanks I am learning loads may be a bit er late – this should go on school curriculum NOW as part of business studies – I would go into 6th forms for free to get message across –

  189. Pauline – The ‘confirmation’ statements listing shareholders and how many shares each is holding at that time, always have to add up 1000 because that was the number originally created. So when Harewoods buy back an investors shares the shares against the investor go down and those against Harewoods (Venture Capital) go up. So it is just a list of share holdings and not a set of accounts. The money paid for the shares is used by Harewoods as working capital to build (or have built) the developments, It is not for paying out former investors – that would make it a ponzi scheme which is illegal. The money for investors comes from the sale of the property and that, by rights, should be kept in a separate account for each spv site until all the sales are complete, at which point all the investors in that site get their share. Clearly that is not what happening. Hopefully, the Administrator’s report will tell us what has been going on and not just quote total asset value against total claims.

  190. I hear you loud and clear and that’s my thoughts as I say again ponzies are illegal

  191. I’m not accusing them of doing it, just pointing out why it shouln’t be done.

  192. Hi everyone – we have someone who did work for them – bet they have a story to tell? I hope they go to the administrators if they have anything worthwhile to help us.

  193. Just seen a Simon dufton on justgiving trying to raise £40,000 for his mother who has allegedly lost that amount with harewood associates.
    Considering that administrators have yet to report .I am baffled why he is trying to get money back by this site.

  194. Ed -Thanks but I’m far more interested in finding where the money they took from us is now, and helping those who can be instrumental in tracking it down and recovering it if possible. Everything else at this point is immaterial to me. following the money retrieving it, and hopefully preventing others from falling fowl as we have is my aim.

    EEC – Any chance I can buy that previous employee a drink and hear some stories?

  195. My be they could not afford a4 paper by the end peter had lost the money in the casino on a weekend

  196. plenty people saying got calls from KK and LJ to invest in Feb 19 well they certainly were well down the 32m deficiet by then?

  197. Pauline, I have done some Googling. You probably know all this already. Peel Gardens was the conversion of a former church into 8 apartments. The conversion was done by Southworth Construction (in which Laura Jones of Harewoods was a director for a while) https://www.southworthconstruction.co.uk/developments/peel-gardens-edenfield/ and the apartments marketed by Walmer Homes (Peter Kierly is a director)www.walmerhomes.co.uk/property/peel-gardens-edenfield-plot-1/
    So your money was probably lent to Southworth who would have to pay interest on it and may have paid it back by now, but there is no way you could claim it from them even so. I think the only route for you is to establish if all the apartments have been sold and, if so, demand that your shares be redeemed in accordance with your agreement.

  198. hiya just for the record I requested multiple times that harewoods send me a letter requesting my return of share cert to be redeemed on holden Vale and thistleton going green wy back to Sept 18 they just ignored ignored ignored all the staff were sent a copy too my me – nothing

  199. Sherwood – can anyone find out where they are I have a number of companies now asking for help to find them as all contact details held are coming up unanswered – lets find them!!!!! They have built a lot of the homes we have invested in.

  200. Ed – yes I do, and as I said, my interest is only in uncovering where our funds are hidden, I personally don’t have shares, but please do keep putting as much info on the site as possible, It may be useful to others.

  201. Well these days now if its a police investigation with the fraud squad when you leave a country to another there is a fingerprint record now where you have gone they will find them .and if the have disapeard what does that show us all they are as guilty for this this is a fraud crime on a big level and needs to show these fat bastards you don’t treat honest working people like this and get away with it

  202. When a firm stops answering enquiries it is usually a sign they are going into administration or worse. All Harewood’s associated companies will probably collapse like a tower of cards now but I doubt that they have gone anywhere. Unfortunately with so few of us chatting on this site, I doubt if anyone is close enough to Bolton to to have a look if the office is closed down.

  203. Sorry, I got mixed up there, I meant Sherwood’s offices which appear to be in Stockport.

  204. Hi I have someone going I hope early this week to look they live very close – its a big building!

  205. I have written to my local MP, I don’t know if it will help, but suggest others do the same. The more people that know the better.

  206. I emailed in March the mp for bolton and my local 2 mp’s – never heard anything so resent in April – gave up holding my breath – waiting till they need local support for next election they will wish never come to my door I can tell you!!

  207. lets be honest, we wont get anything back, and nothing will be done so future people are not caught out like we were!, i can not believe how i let myself be taken in by this disgusting lot.

  208. Rams 128 – you were groomed like all of us – they were experts in what they did getting money from lies and making you feel they were experts and true professional and in the UK this is fine – don’t beat yourself up any more they win if you do – put that energy into stopping investments like this ever happening again ever – by contacting your MP and get some news coverage so in schools it is covered by the curriculum as 1 billion a year is lost like this – and yet until you become embroiled in it no-where does it have warnings that make you think someone can LIE like that and think it’s perfectly ok to do so and live a great life off us…………..I await the report from administrators like more than 1400 others….

  209. Andrew Beale. A few of us have, I heard back from my MP, I doubt if there is much they can do but I know ours did write to the administrators. I do also think the wider we can spread the word the better.

  210. It’s sound advice in not beating yourself up in investing in these sham investments, but it’s also very normal and expected to feel extremely low and disgusted within yourself and the perps who committed this dreadful act of robbing people blind. It’s really not so easy to just accept it like it’s just a bad day and move on with life tomorrow, there are 100s of life savings tied into this and without it, the future what’s left is very bleak.

  211. My MP and the one in Bolton – seemed to have done nothing so well done to yours – anything that shows some support from the MP’s by them actually writing a letter or email – has to be worthy as it means they know they are being ‘looked at’

  212. Just skim-read the Administrator’s report. Several people had invested six figure amounts here with two at £400k, so I guess they’ll be hopping mad. Seems that most of the money owed to Harewood was by other, related companies which, for the most part, have also mysteriously gone bust. They talk about a best case scenario of maybe recovering £5m (16p in the £1) before costs. My guess is they won’t recover much more than enough to cover their own costs & expenses (estimated at c.£300k – but will no doubt end up higher) and there’ll be little or nothing for us. Total stitch up by Kiely & his crew.

  213. he has a job as a director he needs to be outed by a bad review with new company siting despicable business practices!!!!!!!!

  214. Is the administrator report finally released to investors today? Is it by post or email?

  215. Report is on begbies intranet.on your previous correspondence from them is the login details.

  216. Sorry to be such a dolt, but I can’t find how to access Begbies intranet, could anyone possibly post a link , or idiot guide

  217. Ed thanks for helping – much appreciated – is there a hint of wrong doing mentioned at all?

  218. It doesn’t explicitly say so. It outlines the Admin’s findings so far in respect of what Harewood did with all the money, like give it to about eight other failing companies including Sherwood Homes owned directly or indirectly by the Kiely’s, and those firms have either gone into liquidation or ceased trading so no prospects of recovery of the ‘loans’. The Admin needs to study the situation much further before deciding if there is a case for referral to authorities but it looks to me like reckless trading continued for some time beyond the point where it was obvious that the whole network of companies was insolvent. Ten of the most affected investors have forced the Admin to hold a meeting of creditors but the resolutions to be discussed only relate to whether Begbies should continue as Admin and whether a committee of creditors should be formed. it will not be a meeting at which conduct of Harewood Associates can be questioned or creditors vent their feelings although they probably will anyway.

  219. Ed Thingy – Begbies has already laid out the bleak prospects for money recovery. At best scenario 16p to the pound and worst prospects get nothing at all. Which seems more likely as these holding companies outlining a sum of money to be returned are in fact owed by the dresdful Kiely Brothers Inc.
    I admire your bright look on things but for Begbies to already reach an outcome after the 1st report tells me there’s nothing much for us to look forward to, and they know it. I spoke to Paul Stanley yesterday and he said there’s no rush for investors to do anything, reading between the lines – “there’s no money after Begbies takes their huge fees for services rendered. The only other thing that sticks into me is that they are not calling these Kiely Bros thieves and criminals when it blindly obvious these men have money laundered our money away between their tiny holding companies, swiped it as loans then after a period of time call in the administrators to fold up. I strongly feel it should be down to us the investors to take legal action against the Kiely Bros asap, either as a collective or off your own bat. I’m certainly going to start looking into this today.

  220. I am also baffled as to why they have not come out and said there is clearly wrongdoing, why is that when as you say its glaringly obvious .

  221. ave not come out and said there is clearly wrongdoing, why is that when as you say its glaringly obvious .


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    Begbies are insolvency practitioners, not criminal lawyers. It will serve them no good to pursue this as a criminal enterprise wasting resources and eating into their own profits to prove what everyone already knows. Begbies are by the High Court to wind down the Harewood business only, not to get embroidered in murky drawn out affairs chasing crooks that don’t pick up the phone. I need to know if the guy running the Facebook group supporting Harewood investors has now changed it to a closed group? There are things that need addressing but not on an open forum!

    NAME *

  222. ok let’s see if this makes sense – they had investment to place into building projects only – FACT – some spv’s have been drawn when it clearly states cannot have investment back until all sold and all certs are in – why – how – where did this money go – out spending whose money buying lavishly – fined 170k – unfinished projects still out there – took money out to give to other companies – whose money – owe 32m in less than year – became a director of yet another company he set up – got another job in the same trade as a director whilst all this is going on I SMELL A LARGE RAT

  223. EEC – The Admin says the SPV investors are currently not considered to be unsecured creditors and they are not included in the list appended to the report. Hence you will not even be considered for payout of any fraction of recovered assets but, as has been said, the likelihood is zero payout for everyone in any event.

  224. Blue – I am assuming the Facebook site we are talking about is http://www.facebook.com/Investors-Support-Group-Harewoods-Associates-Administration . It is still open access but in any event the posts are very tedious to wade through with each one generating its own thread. It does not seem to have any proposals for joint action and I wouldn’t recommend it as a site for doing so. Finding how the group who are proposing a creditor’s committee have organised communication seems a better prospect but I have not found a way to do that. May have to attend the meeting next month to find out.

  225. Another thought. The Telegraph of 3rd July said there were 1400 ‘customers’ by which I assume they mean investors. If that is the case, then it looks like there could be 500 or so SPV investors not listed in the report and maybe involving a further £10m !! On the other hand, most of them may have included both fixed rate and SPV investments as one total in their claims which have been included amongst the almost 900 listed in the report. All very speculative.

  226. Yes that’s the Facebook group I refer to. I don’t find it tedious as they is nowhere as many members as it should have that’s affected. With due respect this Bond Review operates exactly the same reading same questions and answers, assumptions and speculation. I don’t find it tedious but it’s an open affair whereas Facebook can be closed and remain more private. I guess it doesn’t matter now as the group owner still hasn’t made the group closed and Begbies has more or less spelt it out that there’s virtually nothing to get back and they have no interest in cooperation with any possible criminal investigation with the equally useless police.

  227. Thank you for taking the time to report to Action Fraud. Your report has been sent to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) for review.

    Experts at the NFIB examine the information you provide. Where possible, the information is also matched against other available data in order to enrich and corroborate the details of the fraud. The NFIB assess whether there are viable lines of enquiry that would enable a law enforcement body, such as the police service, to investigate.

    On this occasion, based on the information currently available, it has not been possible to identify a line of enquiry which a law enforcement organisation in the United Kingdom could pursue.

    Registered users of our service have the opportunity to update their report, so if you have additional information about your crime which you believe could change the assessment, please log in to your account and submit that information. We continuously assess the content of individual and linked crime reports; in the event that a line of enquiry is identified we will provide you with an update.

  228. Hello Ed Thingy, if you do decide to go to the 9 August creditors meeting, would you like to hold my proxy? I cannot attend but, like you, I’d like to link up somehow with the group who’ve forced the creditors meeting as they seem a bit more together than us “moaners & groaners”

  229. Tony – It’s looking unlikely I will make it to the meeting after all, family commitments are stacking up. I now intend to send my vote choices to the chairman to handle. The issues on the agenda are unlikely to change the way things are going whatever the outcome but seems to me that any move to change the Administrator will just add to the fees bill and creating an oversight committee is a two-edged sword, it may keep fee expenditure in check but it will cost fees to keep the committee in the loop and organise meetings when necessary.

  230. Danny – How soon was that reply you got from Action Fraud after you submitted your crime report to them? What did you write for them to state there’s nothing you have that they can conduct an investigation?

  231. do we have to report this horrible mess to the police,individually please can some one advise me.

  232. hi I managed to complete an action fraud and got a police visit – I am now wondering why 20 Chorley New rd is still being advertised as registeted office on co house when it is empty I believe there are more than 10 companies with this address associated with them?

  233. 28 days, however I only submitted initial concerns. I’ll now retort with further evidence

  234. It is no use submitting evidence to the Fraud Squad with phrases like “They must have known such and such” or “It is obvious that”. It has to be a statement of fact which you could give in a witness box. A date when one event happened, then a date when another thing happened. Hence an irrefutable conclusion backed by written documentation.

  235. hi everyone Pk this is how it works

    if you did not get something in writing or recorded it did not happen that is how they look at it mind you if enough put forward to them numbers will certainly ra use at least a suspicion with them to think about – if you were told something – guaranteed something concrete evidence to the contrary is what they have to see – go hunting you must find it!

  236. Can you say what’s this response in relation to? Who will say it never happened?

  237. in law you have to have evidence of or you cannot prove it beyond reasonable doubt so hunt through what you have letters or emails etc find what you say they said and did not that you believe a case can be deduced from the more the merrier – it is horrible after the event if you have never been duped before

  238. Thanks for replying, yes I know all this but I was referring to who is asking investors for evidence? The fraud squad? The administrator? The FCA?

  239. Are you deliberately being vague and protecting a source? Who is “she” ? And “Fraiday” ? What you talking about! If you can’t elaborate properly then we can just leave it there.

  240. hi John don’t shoot the team player it’s that dam predicted text changes once pressed ok

    I responded to a thread earlier asking about how to put a complaint in to action fraud believe me I am as much
    disgusted as every one added together

    took me 10ins to do this message stressing about getting it exact I am going for a lie down have a nice day

  241. Who’s John? Are you responding to my earlier message? This is why we all need a proper closed group forum to correspond together. This is getting ridiculous.

  242. Jones, in the letter we received from the administrators they say if you have any concerns regarding the conduct of Harewood and anyone else associated with them who may have acted improperly in the running of the business, that you should let them know. The same evidence can be passed to the fraud team also though.

  243. Thank you very much Pauline. Finally someone who can keep things simple and with logic. I still have not received a letter from Begbies come to think of it. I only know of the intranet documents from last week stating there’s very little left of assets and they’re keeping it. I’ll ring them now. Thanks again.

  244. Is anybody contacting the solicitor from JMR Solicitor? She has said she could help with recovery of our lost funds by taking legal action against those two fat shits.

  245. I would be very interested in them feeling good the metal too have they had previously stuff everyone had put on line you be sure

  246. As a retired solicitor, with respect I would like to know whether and for how long she has specialised in issues of these matters. I think it goes beyond being an experienced litigator. It seems that much of the online comment has been unlimited expressions of personal disgust towards those who were directors of the company before it went into administration. This seems to me to be misplaced- although I may be wrong.
    I think the investors’ case is all around the representations and caveats in the offer made to induce individuals to part with their money by investing in Harewoods.
    The issues are not just whether the directors have been fraudulent or not but how funds may be recovered by a skilful perusal and appraisal of the Begbies report as well as finding where the funds have gone.
    Bear in mind, the if I remember correctly, the fee of Begbies will be £250k + VAT, probably with extras. We need to know what the solicitors fee structure would be. More information is necessary.

  247. yes i have just contacted them now on line so expect a call from them monday i hope its going to be no win no feeyes as we have already lost enough, without been taken for a ride by solicitors?? so if they are confident the can get our money back then they should offer no win no fee ok or ells the have nothing to loose ithen if the want 25% im happy with that, and they wont take you on unless they belive they can win, if they dont offer that terms to all of us then , we could be loosing more money, regards,pete toms

  248. hi annoyed are you an investor and can you please identify the most factual from everything shown including Facebook that may prove we have a case?

  249. The solicitor had already told me last Monday that this kind of case will not be no win no fee case. Expect a big percentage fee upfront to take it on.

  250. Yes, I am an investor. I think it is vital to avoid claim firms that promise funds for a free upfront fee. Solicitors won’t do that.
    There are people who will do no win- no fee I.e. 20-25% of the sum over the sum estimated to be recovered by the accountants.

  251. In my opinion, if we are proceeding with litigation it should be a group action so that any expenses are not duplicated. However in my earlier post I tried to say that not any solicitor will be appropriate. We need someone who is experienced in litigation and in the kind of financial product Harewood were selling. We need someone who can examine the claims made by Harewoods and whether sufficiently clear warning was given. As to fees, it can be done on a no win no fee basis, but this depends on the amount of work likely to be involved, and the nominated solicitor should be able to assess that. I have mentioned the situation to an eminently qualified person who would look at it, but she s very busy at the moment.

  252. Not the reply I received from them. Basically Sarah Bluston (JMW) stated they had no involvement with transfers of funds and to speak to hardwoods…good thinking. The bank that handled the funds initially will not correspond with my bank either.

  253. annoyed – the sols never answered my enquiry – could it be misteprentation as I was 100% of the belief that a solicitor was handling all funds on spv also they had advertising in all PR that – that was the case! some I know had letters cementing this that at a later date changed to harewoods own internal staff without any notice to all investors? Had I known this is would certainly have put action into place a lot sooner than I did – as I am sure most investors would have too and not waited years!

  254. Sorry to go off topic, I have just had a visit from the Police, they think there may be a case to answer so I have given them as much information as I can, emails letters etc. I didn’t think I would hear anything else so I am pleasantly surprised, this is a follow up from my report to action fraud.

  255. hi pauline they are on the radar for sure then now -? yupee

    This has to be a good sign so let’s hope others have as much luck and we get what we are want – smell of metal

  256. This is great news. Well done. There’s definitely a turnaround then compared to the 1st reports from Harewood investors last month stating the police concluded the report of Kiely brothers no case to answer with the evidence sent to them. Well there must be compelling evidence now to hopefully fully investigate these crooks along with Kay and Laura.

  257. Been slow here I was just told today about hardwood .as all people on here I investment as well ,was any one sent a letter about this as I have nothing sent to me. Ps kay Kennedy has a new job i seen.

  258. What I said is i did not know harewoods gone bust . Lost a of money.same as the rest of the people here, colin

  259. Seaway – if you hold any spv’s you would not get a letter they are undecided if we are creditors so at mo we are shareholders

  260. Ok thanks I made an investment with them 3years ago .%10 paid monthly ,then it went down %8 ,now nothing. The will prob walk away Scot free not t h e first time this pair have done this to people .

  261. I am not a shareholder, that’s just bad. I am a bondholder that put me as a genuine creditor second only to secured creditors ie banks etc.

  262. any one from derby notts going to the meeting, and can squeeze a paying passenger in as im in a big dirty van other wise makes scence to share the cost. get in touch if you can 07722329293

  263. Bluesman – The Administrator is currently treating the fixed-rate investors as creditors but has not decided whether to include SPV investors as such yet. This is a critical distinction when considering what, if anything, one should do about your case. When you say you are a bondholder, do you mean you are a fixed-rate investor (as I am) or an SPV investor? Because as far as I know, SPV investors bought shares in the individual company set up for the particular estate, e.g. Holden Vale. So that would make you a shareholder in that company which may still be shown as active by Companies House. (Not that that can be relied upon). Perhaps SPV investors should write to “the director” of their particular company at the Chorley New Road address (which will presumably be redirected to the Administrator) asking if the company is still active and when it is anticipated the shares will be redeemed. Incidentally, I note the letter about reduction in fixed rate came from Walbury House, 14 Dalton Court, Commercial Road, Darwen, BB3 0DG, so duplicate the request to that address also.

  264. Invested 30 k into Peel Gardens Edenfield. Laura Jones/Kay Kennedy were quick to take my money. 1 year SPV up February gone. Peter Kiely just ignored my letters and emails. Kay Kennedy is a liar. I reported them to FCA, FSCS, Action Fraud, Financial Ombudsman, Rip off Britain and Rogue Traders. No one could help me. The private company is still live on Companies House trading from 20 Chorley New Road, and empty building. Harewood administrators cannot help me. I have even phoned Walmer/Sherwood Homes looking for David Burnett Scott the director of limited company nowhere to be found. There are still properties in Peel Gardens Edenfield being sold. So there are still assets. Can’t somebody help me please. This is scamming at its best.

  265. Same, but more invested 3 1/2years ago in a 1 year investment. Nothing back and same correspondence or lack of. What was your reference for fraud report I’ll add it to mine

  266. it is very difficult to know how the spv is going to work out because some have been withdrawn presumably into bonds – I have a national debtor collectors

  267. Action Fraud ref: AF435740207GB

    was told they have had no more reports. But if we all put our reports together they are obliged to do something.
    Peter Kiely, David Kiely, David Burnett Scott and Kay Kennedy should be imprisoned.

  268. I don’t understand why they are saying that because two reference numbers listed above are bonfide report numbers given to Harwood investors- something is not right!

  269. Dear Ed Thingy Yes I did send a Statutory Demand to 20 Chorley New Road via recorded delivery but et oyal m as il could not deliver as the building was empty. I then phoned companies House to notify them and they said they would write to Mr Scott regarding a new address. To this day this still has not been done. I then sent the statutory demand to his home address 11 Howe Drive, Ramsbottom Bury but he wrote back to me saying he does not personally know me and owes me no money and threatened me with a solicitor if I went ahead. Basically I think I struck a raw nerve by catching him at home. As I dressed my letter up luke a parcel so when royal mail delivered it he signed for it thinking he was getting a pressie. Begbies Traynor last time I phoned told me they could not help oeople with spv”s. Surely someone must be able to help us!!

  270. hi I sent more than a dozen demands whilst still trading and ensured 5 other members of staff also got them – ignored

  271. We should all make a big claim collectively. Police will have to listen. No solicitors will do on a no win no fee. Why should we pay more fees? But if we did it together then we could get help and people would listen

  272. I’m also worried about Begbies Traynor being linked to Harewood Associates. When I phoned them to ask when I would receive my monies back. They were quick to tell me my name is not on investors list as my money was put into SPV. I paid my £30,000 into a Harewood Bank Account via Laura Jones. And I had a letter from Kay Kennedy saying she was my investment manager. So how can they say I am not a Harewood client as my funds went through their channels. Something seems not right here.

  273. all three holden Vale thistleton Hamptons have finished and all sold and still showing shareholders listing some on Companies House so where is the money I was told that we have to go back to the spv holders is that he developer how do we find out who the developer is cos no one at harewoods would say yes they had the money but jnw sols on Manchester were supposed to monitor and take control of payments – they would not answer my enquiry seems everyone is ducking and diving all over the place – why won’t administrators say who we go to if we have spv ????

  274. They set up Ltd companies for each ‘build’ most didn’t actually happen. It’s like booking.com is not really responsible or accountable for the hotels they sell. In other new Kay Kennedy is posting pictures from the beach and Peter drives a Bentley.

  275. Something needs to be done. This involves a lot of money and is too vague.
    The name of the developer is
    David Scott Burnett
    Home address is
    11 Howe Drive
    Sherwood Homes has been sued by high courts for over 100k for health and safety. He will use our money to pay for this if we are not careful.

  276. I think the newspapers would be interested considering how much money is in question here. I think we should set up an online petition and submit to Begbies Traynor and Action Fraud. Fca must take an interest now. This is daylight robbery and deciet and must be stopoed

  277. There is miselling here. Something which LC and F are being investigated for through FSCS. If we have paid monies via Harewood Associates for a 1 Yr SPV deal thinking it was managed by Harewood then this is mis selling

  278. All of the luxury apartments in Peel Gardens Edenfield have not been sold yet. So there is still worth in this development and Action must be taken before apartments are all sold and he takes our money. Please write posts on Peel Gardens Edenfield Facebook page. I am the only one who has done so. And hopefully any future buyers of these apartments will read and decide not to buy.

  279. Please post comments on Peel gardens edenfield Facebook page. There is still worth in this development and not all luxury apartments have been sold. We need to stop him before he sells them and takes this money. I have posted a negative post which hopefully future buyers will read and it will put them off. We need to contact Rightmove, Zoola, Prime location and notify them these homes are built with scammed monies.

  280. I bought into the spv cos jnw sols were managing the finances and as I understand it there never did!

  281. Yes Brev I know that. But if there are enough of us who have been scammed with the amount of money involved and had products misold then surely regulators can get involved. In this day and age all investment companies should be regulated and I am sure the fca are under mounting pressure to do this.

  282. Hi I am going to ADD to his pain and suffering cos I am going to do the same on Monday – perhaps if we all did it together – he will fee the heat like he thought he would not – how dare he try and hide and say – nothing to do with me – as a Director he is responsible for anything – memo to self- pop a post it note in parcel and let him know that!

  283. Good on you EEC. He thinks he can hide away but he cannot. He is responsible and now that he has taken our money he thinks he does not have to do anything else. Wrong. Peel Gardens is filed on Companies House as 20 Chorley New Road. This was the headquarters of Harewood and is now empty. How is he operating a business from an empty building and why are Companies House allowing it on their website. I have wrote and told them.

  284. I don’t understand why some investors are having their claims looked into by Action Fraud and many other investors are reporting that Action Fraud are stating there’s nothing they can help with? Can anyone explain this two different sides of activity?

  285. This is interesting! Action Fraud told me that there was insufficient evidence for them to assist. Do you know who is being helped by Action Fraud? And what investments do they hold? Eg fixed rate bondholders or SPV shareholder

  286. Sorry all I can recall was a posted comment on this forum and Facebook that the person had received a home visit from the police following his/her report on Action Fraud that there was sufficient lines of enquiry to press ahead with police involvement. It was either the very end of July or the start of this month when the comments were posted. Don’t think it was stated whether other was SPV or otherwise, you’d need to trawl through all the comments here and Facebook to find who posted it.

  287. karlos i have loged my loss with action fraud but to be honest i could only talk about my self my loss and hi had not herd from anyone ells about this harewood i had bonds but i reposted to action fraud in 2013 when i was scamed out of £8,690 and i never herd a word from them at all 6 halfe years ago so to me its wast of time really its obvious there people have conned us all in parting with our life savings and there is 1400 of us lost money surely the police should step in unless they have given the administrators a couple of million to keep them on the clean side after all whats a couple of million when you have just bear faced robbed 1,400 people with deception to part from there life savings and driving around in there bently cars not a care in the world fat gready bastard

  288. Action Fraud Number
    Hampton’s SPV:

    Action Fraud Number
    Harewood Associates:

    Action Fraud Number
    Peel Garden’s EDENFIELD SPV:

    Surely now they must be able to help us!!

  289. Yes it was there i saw it also to me bonds or spv its all the same thing the money was all supposte to be money to invest on property do you remember that big cake that was sliced in parts money to by the land another to build the propertys another slice sold the propertys remember now they have never sold a property at a loss ? then our share up to 10% or my be up to 14% on spv and another slice for them for running the show, so it could not go wrong if the slices had been shared out as they stated to us all, but no they have compleatly taken the cake and us for a ride, so there people are getting away will day light robbery and sticking two fingers at us all .Its the police fraud squad that should be investigating this as i dont trust these administrasion the police would investigate it proply to get them prosecuted the lot of them has played a part in deception and lies.pete toms

  290. Yes Peter I totally agree with you. As time goes on and more people come forward and more evidence becomes available the police must get involved this whole thing is a major crime. As you can see I collated action fraud numbers on above message. Basically they don’t want to know. I’ve also rang my MP and he cannot help. I ask you in a time that we are conquering the moon and building nuclear weapons wouldn’t you think that they could deal with fraud and scammers!! It’s a disgrace.

  291. KarLos they can help they do not want to – how do I know cos look at some website links I sent on here a few weeks ago – they have privilege in the house of commons they can name and shame free from prosecution – so why are they not doing it in 2019? they should be ashamed of themselves like I said I dare them to come to my door asking for a vote

  292. Hi,
    I’m new to this forum.
    I invested 55k in Peel Gardens,now I can’t get in touch with anyone from Harewood and it’s like I dont exist..
    Apparently I’m not on the list of creditors, how is that possible?
    I have proof that I sent a bank transfer.
    Surely i must be near the top of the list..
    Please someone help me out here

  293. Hi Barry – you need to go back to June when this forum started and read and read the answer is in here it may not be the result you want – but start at the beginning and also go onto the facebook page – Harewood Support Group – hope this helps a bit! I am also an SPV holder in 3 sites – and I am still digging

  294. Hi – as I understand it – there was a committee formed – not sure who or what their interests are but think at least we all should be a part of it to ensure everyones interests are covered – best to be a committee that people feel is working if representing us all – so how will get in touch is beyond me or how they will keep us informed even more bizarre !

  295. If the 10 most wealthiest investors who lost huge money in Harewood’s were in attendance at this meeting on Friday 9th, rest assured you ain’t going to hear about what went on from them. Sad to say but they are in a totally different category from the rest of us and were able to block Begbies from taking their disbursements from the fund pot because those investors satisfied the criteria that Begbies needed to stop and allow that committee meeting. It’s obvious those high rolling investors are hedging for a side deal away from the rest of us, that’s what always happens with the richest people, their demands are met and dealt with before everyone else. The rest of us will get the news from the meeting when Begbies release the transcript on their intranet site.

  296. I hold your breath, the top 1 percent of rich Harewood investors stand a chance in getting their money back because they have even more to burn on using lawyers to chase Begbies and the fat crooks Kiely brothers .

  297. Hi Barry I also invested 30k in Peel Gardens Edenfield. Firstly I have reported to Action Fraud. Maybe if you do the same there’s nearly 100k theft from both of us surely they will have to take action. When you report it you can add my Action Fraud number AF435740207GB
    Next you need to ring Begbys Traynor the administrators. At present they are saying shareholders names are not on their investors list. But the more of us who ring them and complain it will make them listen. I too paid my money via Harewood Associates and I have a covering letter stating Kay Kennedy is my investment manager so they are liable. Next you can write to the developer David Burnett Scott at his home address’s like I did. 11 How Drive, Ramsbottom, Bury and complain. I sent a Statutory Demand to his home address because 20 Chorley New Road where peel gardens is registered is an empty building. This is a start. My number is 0744 346 0612 if you want to talk

  298. P. S Barry if you look on Companies House Website under Peel Gardens Edenfield you can collect details on David Burnett Scott Director and see the names and amounts of other investors. This SPV still has worth as all apartments have not been sold. I also went on Peel Gardens Facebook page and left a negative post about David Burnett Scott if you do the same then we can cause some agro for him as any buyers for properties will be put off by negative posts

  299. Hi Sue If you Google search Action Fraud you can open up a new enquiry. You are welcome to add my Action Fraud number and other 2 in previous message
    I am meeting with Action Fraud in Scarborough beginning of September so if you let me have your AF number I can take it along to my meeting with them. David Burnett Scott is the director of Peel Gardens Edenfield his home address is 11 Howe Drive, Ramsbottom Bury. I sent him a statutory demand to his home address. He is as slimey as the Kiely brothers and wrote back to me saying he does not know me nor owe me any money. There is still worth in Peel Gardens SPV as not all flats have sold. I wrote to administrators Begby Traynor and told them my money was paid via Harewood and they should consider me a client. Al o I left a negative review on Peel Gardens Facebook page damming David Scott and Harewood Associates. Hope all of this helps. I’m not giving up until I get my money back.

  300. hi I have sent his home address on to my debt collectors too – I have also trawled thro a mountain of emails and forwarded to the administrators showing get they were on their way to finalising financials in sept for thistleton and holden Vale thistleton how they can say they made losses before this beats me – I want my hard earned cash back from my asset secured investment which is still active on co house

  301. I feel we need some clarity here.
    Are we shareholders, investors,property owners or something else?
    I want justice and my money back.
    I’ve been informed that as a shareholder, I may have liabilities for the debts of a company that I am a shareholder of,surely not??

  302. All I know Barry is that I invested in Peel Gardens Edenfield Ltd and own 26 preferential shares. There were 1000 shares. The management company were Harewood Associates. 3 or 4 apartments out of 8 I believe have already sold. Where has this money gone? If there were expenses liabilities surely as investors we should have been informed. I have not recieved any contract. Its an utter shambles!

  303. Hi Karl – please be aware that there are quite a few SPV companies ie Holden Vale The Hamptons Thistleton Estates – these are what I have shares in – not – I repeat NOT mentioned anywhere at all- so here we have Harewoods banked the money – we have Ltd company shown on Co House – we have shareholders all listed by name and share holding – now these three have all SOLD and finished – I have requested the redemption of the shares – closure of the companies – – heard NOTHING! This is what all the SPV are complaining about no-one is telling us what we can do – what has happened to our secure asset back investment money it should be in these companies represented by the share holding – so is it still there or not!! You see he only put Harewoods into administration not these other Ltd companies – so they cannot delves without further powers – is my guess…… but ……I put money in to a specific site for building and obtaining a profit – the records should show in these companies some financials – but they do not so under Harewoods did he have a project called – The Hamptons – Holden Vale for example – no one will answer my questions cos I am not a creditor – ludicrous.

  304. Thanks EEC. All I know is there are a lot of dissolved companies on Companies House relating to Kiely Brothers and David Burnett Scott. I cannot speak for other developments you mentioned as I am not following them. All I know is peel gardens edenfield is still active and there are unsold properties which pertain to worth left in the company. I do know that David Burnett Scott is linked to Walmer Homes as Mollie Lythgoes name their marketing manager is on my Share certificate. He is also linked with Sherwood Homes who have just had a huge fine for Health and Safety filed against them from the High Court in London.

  305. Hi Karl well PK is now a Director there too – keep them all ticking over together – if you lie with dogs you get fleas…….. they are an estate agent – so they sell their own properties too and get more of the
    cut – pulling another fast one!!

  306. It’s not that you’re not a creditor. You were conned just like me who is a creditor. There was no security backed assets to rely on, that was just scam literature to get us investing. Harewood was simply a Ponzi scheme distributing our money into Kiely brothers other businesses then liquidating them thus keep the money he’ll claim is gone. Nasty little operation to get caught up in.

  307. Dear Sirs,

    I have tried calling your main switchboard number but after being placed on hold for more than half an hour I decided to write.
    I have logged this scam many months ago AF435740207GB
    I was told there was no other evidence or lines for enquiry. Well now 2 further people have complained to Action Fraud. There refs are NFRC190603055390 and NFRC190302868680.
    There are many other people who have been conned out of their life savings by Peter Kiely of Harewood Associates who are now in administration. If you look on Facebook under Harewood Associates or WordPress site you will see how many people have had their money stolen from them.
    David Scott Burnett is still an active Director of Peel Gardens Edenfield. His home address is 11 Howe Drive, Ramsbottom, Bury. He will not return our funds to us after the 1 year property deal. Someone needs to step in and take control now. This story was in the Telegraph newspaper per today. Please help us this is serious fraud. These people need to be sentenced and inprisoned.

    Kindest regards

    Karl Newman

  308. Thanks Bluesman007 I will but the story about Harewood was in telegraph newspaper today so its out there now

  309. just read this from the link, is this confirmed we will get .16p in the pound. or am i not understanding it, please can some one advise me?

  310. 16p is Begbie’s current best case scenario. They have also said that total losses are possible. Any realisation may take years. So nothing is confirmed at this early stage.

  311. This really needs to have a complete forensic investigation of everything that the Kielys are .and have been involved in going back years.
    Sick and tired of scum like them seeming to keep getting away with fleecing honest people who are just trying to get a better return for their hard earned savings.
    And this is only because the financial institutions totally messed up and squeezed returns for savers ..
    I will not be happy till all the people responsible for the harewood situation are locked up .
    I hope to be at the court when they are found guilty of this fraud .

  312. I only have the minimum number of shares in a Thistleton Estate SPV, but that is still £5,961of my life savings. Initially I was going to invest more, but I held back to see how they would perform after the, so-called and anticipated 14.27% profit within twelve months. My suspicions were aroused when they stopped sending me updates. So I drove over there one day and, low and behold I couldn’t even find the place. The post-code was right in the countryside and I had problems finding anyone in at any of the houses near-by, during the day. I mentioned this to Kay and she said she would arrange for one of the staff to meet me there. But from then on they were always too busy. After two years we realised we had been sold a “pup” and we had lost our money. Luckily, a relative of mine on his own retirement, asked me about investments and I quickly told him that I/we were in no position to give such advice as we had made a very poor investment ourselves.

  313. Using any kind of money in a scam is hard. At least you held back from further investing and not to involve others into the apparent swindle. I am ten times your investment in the hole and stupidly got a parent to invest and lose the lot too. Incredibly tough to accept and my own pressure to repay the losses on top of my own losses. Have you read the atrocious Begbies Creditors meeting report from the 9th Aug along with the pure spin letter from Kiely excusing themselves from real blame instead blaming the investors for wanting their money back? This really is one of the most senseless financial crimes of 2019 where no one wants to help us.

  314. hear hear and so they can ALL continue to live a life they have not worked for to achieve but given hard working everyday people debt to take to their gravesend! !! SHAME on the dam system.

  315. Her her EEC there is something very wronk here EEC if they get away like this I don’t think we are being looked after as we should its day light Robert and been in touch with the administration now a few times I don’t think they are I then taking it seisiously I had to tell them its obviously fraud if our money is not there where has it gone to remember that cake graft showing your share of it showing there share and showing land share and cost share
    Plus them saying they have never sold a property at a loss? So where is our money did you know or any of us they say now they where lending our money out? My money £44k was suppose to be on property that’s what they where about?? No EEC the fat two twats have had enough time to hide it and live like millionaires. I don’t trust the administration
    Its the fraud police that should be investigating these bastards

  316. As much as I hate saying this, our only recourse is with the police fraud squad. We all already know the FCA, FSCS and FOS won’t go anywhere near this. And our administrators need reporting for complete apathy, nonchalant behaviour towards us, barely raising a doubt that they are interested in locating our money. I won’t be surprised if the administrator is in bed with the Kiely brothers and taking a healthy slice off the top to keep quiet. Their attitude kinda tells me that anyway, to look the other way for an extra £1M, not hard is it?

  317. we need to pressure the action fraud and get hold of Bolton fraud squad get some thing moving not just sit back and wait giving them plenty more time to move more around including themselves whilst having good a bloody good laugh

  318. To all affected by Harewoods Associates I administration. To contact any member of the committee formed at the creditors meeting on 9th August please use the below email address. This is a secure email group for Harewood creditors and investors in SPV’s.
    As a precaution you will be politely asked to provide proof of your investment such as a scanned letter. This is just to make sure that all communication is confidential between investors only.

    We have taken this step because we have not been provided with a list of creditors so we have no way to contact anyone unless we put out a message asking investors to contact us. We can then attempt to represent everyone’s views.

    Re some comments made earlier in the thread, the committee is to represent all investors. It is made up from persons chosen at the meeting and not just the 5 people with the biggest investments. No one is attempting to do a side deal with Begbies. We are attempting to work together.
    The members are

    Mr David Godfrey

    Mrs Susan Gerrard

    Ms Rachel Edge

    Mr Vincent Forrester

    Mr Graham Heywood

    Please contact us so we can all work together.

  319. Well my deadline is this weekend to hear from Action Fraud. But remember it takes 30 day from recorded date to just pass it onto an investigator.

  320. Bluesman007 Did you also go to the Bolton fraud team, Im wondering if that would help at all?

  321. I have never heard of this Bolton fraud team. So I haven’t. Besides it sounds like it’s best used for the local residents of Bolton rather than the rest of the country. If action fraud wouldn’t help I can see Bolton fraud team doing anything different.

  322. Yes. Taking civil action or a group lawsuit against the Kiely brothers and Co. It can get very expensive though. But I know the investors can prevail because it was a huge fraud system they ran.

  323. Just to look at the posted letter again from Begbies dated 13th Aug should tell you what sort of penny pitching unprofessional apathetic business they run over there. The letter if I can vaguely call it that just looks like something you’d find in a street bin. Wafer thin cheap quality paper, clearly a photo-scanned or photocopied letter where it’s been poorly cropped and the colours are washed out, the writing is faded and the paper is creased and wrinkled. It’s truly pathetic and pitiful from an Administrator worth millions of pounds. And then there’s the cold eyed writing and summing up in the text, they simply don’t care, seemed more of a chore for them to be requested to notify everyone to contact Action Fraud “if” we feel we may have been defrauded and made a victim of. Well thank you Joint Administrators Dean & Paul – you both really know how to take a great big dump all over our financial plight and stress while quietly supporting those two Fat Bastard crooks by not calling it what it really is! A classic Ponzi scam.

  324. I suggest that all the creditors register the Case of a possible fraud here with the Action Fraud people.
    In the event that the Action Fraud organisation refuses to instigate an investigation into this matter then I think that the issue should be raised with your MP asking him/her to get the decision reversed by referring the matter with the Minister responsible for the activities of the Action Fraud organisation.

  325. I believe most of us have done this. But what’s happening with the bondholders committee group of 5 bondholders setting up a closed group? I contacted them on theor email address after the request to prove investors identities and nothing! No answer. This is ridiculous considering personal details are on there letters they wanted.

  326. Hi Malcolm, I have reported it 3 times to Action Fraud it seems as though they are not interested. I called up and wrote to my M. P here in Scarborough. I was told there was nothing they could do. I’ve reported it to FCA, Financial Ombudsman, FSCS, Companies House, Rip off Britain, Rogue Traders, Citizens Advice bureau, The Police. No one able to offer any help or advice. Ran out of options now. Suffering from burn out. Karl.

  327. I’m surprised Rogue Traders aren’t interested or can offer assistance in airing this issue. Perhaps not what they do as our problem are very specific in investments not trade service. I think the only real option is a civil lawsuit against the Harewood entity as a investor group. Either led by the solicitor firm in Manchester or we all find and agree on one prior to finding what it will cost us and draw up a binding contract and split the costs equally. I don’t understand why it’s actually taking so long to go with one direction or the other? The Harewood staff of Kiely brothers and Kay are trading/earning again so it won’t be a waste of time. Keep our boots on their necks for return of funds is far better than not bothering at all so they can do all this again to someone else.

  328. A civil lawsuit against the Harewood entities achieves nothing as Harewood already owes you money.

    You would need to go after the directors personally and it is very difficult to make directors personally liable for the actions of their limited companies (as that is the point of setting one up in the first place).

    Even when those actions include repeated criminal offences against the Financial Services and Markets Act due to promoting investment securities to the public without authorisation from the FCA.

  329. time to pressure action fraud they seem to be ducking their responsibilities – surely they cannot keep active the spvs for ever? There must be a way to close them down and find the money or deal with the Kielys and Mr scott in an appropriate manner- they must feel the metal nothing less if they lost all the spv money too!!!!

  330. Harewood directorships form a legal company entity in corporate Law. From the top to the bottom through proprietary ownership, partnership and corporation these are legal entities I speak of. The Kiely brothers fall into one or more of these entities.

  331. Karl, Im still hoping the administrators will push for wrongdoing, that may strengthen a case with action fraud although who knows. It would have been better I believe if Kielys had been forced into administration, but then they knew that, so jumped before being pushed. Perhaps the committee will push but not having seen anything on BPs site regarding any action they have taken yet its hard to say.

  332. The administrators will not be pushing for restorative justice on behalf of investors. Begbies have made it very clear in their report this isn’t a priority for them.

  333. the committee who put themselves forward to act on behalf of us need to know what we would like from this process and enquire about the way forward – I have nit heard what there intentions are but I have made a couple of contacts with them yet to have a response

  334. Pauline, it is very disheartening but reading the press about Action Fraud and their cock ups recently I hold little hope.
    They did set up an e ending workshop here in Scarborough where victims of fraud were invited to attend. This was even cancelled due to low take up. I even contacted my MP but my plea has been cast aside.
    Perhaps if we all became criminals, lied, and set out to rob and scam people we would get more attention that what we are recieving now. Justice system in UK shame on you.!!!

  335. I think now reading all what Brev has kept us all to date with on bondreview we have nothing to offer the genuine citizens of the UK another broken discusting enterprise of steal what you like and you will get emunity guaranteed as we have nothing – absolutely nothing to help you at all – except the criminals who lie through the most untrue enticements in writing very public to you all – can’t see what the government’s boldies do to help people like us – but should you be well off – love to hear from you!!!!

  336. If your crime report has been recorded by Action Fraud then you should be directed to contact the FCA with your NFIB number, They will then take your information, circumstances and number for investigation.

  337. yes it says it all definitely sending us all every big loud message I trust administrators etc. all are watching very closely

    Laura Jones also been found she needs to feel the heat too

  338. If anyone is interested… Laura Jones has set up a lip filler business under the name of infallible aesthetics which can be found on Facebook and instagram etc. A quick google search and her address and phone number can be found for anyone who think she deserves as much grief as Kay Kennedy! Why should she be able to set up a new business when she’s ripped off a load of people and is still working for the scumbag Kiely family!

  339. we still have power KK and LJ how dare you flaunt your businesses in front of us after the 32+ million a team that you were part of lost but you and a lot of others know is the tip of the iceberg. SPV holders need to be part of this thus the 32m slithers into oblivion.

    Happy days eh girls

  340. Great find and information. Everyone affected, please update your action fraud crime reports with her details to fill in the individual criminal section. This then gets updated to the FCA.

  341. I visited these bastards mid 2019 at their Bolton office with a view to investing a large sum of cash. I spent a long time checking their website, reading their business model and watching the videos of actors(?) saying how much they trusted this company and that they had always been paid on time. I was particularly impressed when reading a high profile monthly Lancashire magazine and seeing their advert.
    However during my visit to discuss details I didn’t leave with a feeling of satisfaction and confidence. I now know that they would have been completely happy taking my money even knowing that they were in the sh1t at the time. All their assets houses cars etc should be seized and added to whatever can be recovered. I sincerely hope for all who invested that there is a satisfactory outcome. For myself it has made me very sceptical to trust anyone in financial circles – I was even considering LCF previous to their demise!!!. I am approaching retirement and cannot afford – like everyone else – companies run by charlatans who have the moral fibre of a stone running fast and loose with my lifetime work savings. Like I said, bastards.

  342. And he and all the staff looked you right in the face!
    Utterly despicable that he can be laughing outside the door on a runway by a private jet!

  343. Any one know how to come money back I invested all my money in therese fat bastrd any one help me

  344. Well I am sorry to say this is NOT the full picture at all – the SPV holders are not getting anything back either at this stage so this would definitely continue to grow possibly into the £50m plus – and the establishment – financial sector are deafeningly silent!!!!!!!!!!!

  345. Anyone help me i inveted 5000 £ there but thes fat bastrd not there anymore how can I get money back from there my mail address is [removed due to risk of recovery fraud – Brev]

  346. How my money gone I tranfer 5000£ my hard earning to Harwood associates you said your money gone soo sorry what is that is anyone can help me out how we get money back my email is [Removed due to risk of recovery fraud. -Brev]

  347. Action Fraud can be contacted at https://www.actionfraud.police.uk. Do not expect any reaction other than a standard acknowledgement. Not because nothing will be done but because if anything is done, it may be years after the fact.

    You will also need some evidence that Harewood committed fraud as running a failed business is not fraud. (Promoting securities to the public without FCA authorisation is however a breach of the Financial Services and Markets Act.)

    Unless you were advised to invest in Harewood by an FCA-regulated adviser or used an FCA-regulated SIPP provider, it is highly likely the money is gone. The administrators have confirmed recoveries will be minimal at best.

  348. You don’t give much hope do you Brev?? We may just aswell commit suicide now. Happy New Year

  349. If being alive depends on recoveries from Harewoods then you need to speak to the Samaritans now on 116 123.

    If someone’s taken your money there’s no reason to give them your life as well.

    Happy New Year to you too.

  350. Hi everyone – given David must have a loft full of stuff now – we have all contributed – I have three spv’s – they have all been registered on companies house in limited companies – here it comes – they have sold all sites – each one he got 1m+ – I got nothing – what shall we call it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  351. More importantly though what does the Police and Begbies call it? They have never cared deep down in comparison to other liquidators currently working with the Police and/or going to Court to charged the crooks with mishandling of funds.

  352. If there are any people on here who invested into SPV’s in Harewood Associates please join investors group on Facebook for Civil Action

  353. Yes the office is still up for rent and has been empty ever since they left very quickly!!!!!.


    i can assure you they are still around, i could give Peter’s full current address but i fear for my own safety!!! Yes , that is how bad things are!!!, a truly nasty piece of work who usually farms out his “dirty work” to a whole raft of nefarious hangers on all from the bolton area, most of them with some form of criminal record!!!!.

    You need to keep an eye out for Harrison, the nephew and uncle of these 2 fat pie eaters, he is and will be fronting some shortly to be registered new companies..






    All the linked companies shown above are the Kielys in disguise, same old directors who are fronting for them, look and see and you will easily spot the connections.




    Katie Irvine – an old friend of Harrison Kiely,

    Mr Fleming goes way back with all the Kielys including Brendan et al – A stooge director



  355. karma my friends of Harewoods disgusting Trading ethics karma it will come to them all – was told one of the Directors of The Hamptons not a Kiely – died last year,,,,,!,,,,

  356. We all have a duty of care to keep tabs on this bunch – thanks for all info greatfully received and logged

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