Liberty House Capital offers us €750 to take our review down

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Liberty House Capital is a reboot of a 2018 scam which called itself Hanover Merchant Capital. The supposed investment involves promising “secure, annuity-type” returns of 30% from bottled water from Australia or New Zealand.

Hanover Merchant Capital was reviewed here in June 2018 and did a runner with investors’ money a few months later. Liquidators were appointed to wind up its UK corporate entity in March 2019. No reports have been filed by the liquidators since then and no details are available as to how much it took from investors.

Liberty House Capital was incorporated in June 2018 and was reviewed here in May after investors began reporting they had been approached with an identical spiel to Hanover.

Liberty House Capital has now approached me via an intermediary asking me to remove the article. Rather than disputing any of the facts in the review, they offered me money to remove it. After I strung them along for a bit, they told me they were prepared to offer €500 – €750 as a lump sum for its removal.

To put that offer into context, an unrelated unregulated investment (which for the moment shall go unnamed) has told me that Bond Review was directly responsible for them losing €200,000 of potential investment as a result of my review.

For the record, Bond Review has never removed, and will never remove, any review in exchange for hush money.

I find the offer of up to €750 amusing not because it’s well below my price (I don’t have one) but because it suggests times must be pretty tough at Liberty House Capital.

Reboot scams rarely raise as much as the original. Most of the market prepared to fall for a load of nonsense about 30% returns and secure income from some dude who has a bunch of bottled water from Wagga Wagga they’re going to sit on and sell in two years’ time has already been tapped out by Hanover Merchant Capital.

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5 thoughts on “Liberty House Capital offers us €750 to take our review down

  1. well done bondreview for your integrity how about – UK – making all schemes illegal abd close them all down NOW to protect YOUR citizens!

  2. Bond Review is now my favourite website each morning to visit – even before I read the news I come here.
    The reviews are exemplary and have caused shockwaves in the boiler room scam operations selling legal Ponzis and wrecking the lives of the trusting naive public.

    You Sir, deserve a knighthood (no hyperbole here) for services to the UK – when the FCA won’t act, you act by simply telling the truth.

    In the words of Jordan Peterson:
    “One man telling the truth can dismantle pathological hierarchies”

    God bless you Sir.


  3. You assume Brev is male …. hmmm ….

    However it is also my favourite site. Accurate and thorough.

  4. Thanks to all three of you for your kind words.

    Sir Brev has a nice ring to it. As does Dame Brev. 🙂

  5. Congratulations on your actions Lets Have more. We are pretty sure that thay will shut up shop with assets of about £50.00. With an offer of £750.00 I bet you were rolling about on the floor laughing!!!

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