Curse of 2019 strikes again as Asset Life plc goes into administration

Asset Life plc, which raised £8 million from investors in its bonds, has gone into administration, according to reports. Confirmation of the administration was filed with Companies House on Wednesday.

David Rubin & Partners have been appointed as administrators, who are also currently investigating MJS Capital (aka Colarb).

We reviewed Asset Life plc’s bonds in January 2018.

Asset Life plc claimed to have an insurance policy in place which provided “Security of the Capital”. Exactly what this insurance covers is yet to be made clear, but no investment offering 8.75% per year to the public is fully insured against the risk of loss, and investors would be wise to manage their expectations.

The FCA issued a warning against Asset Life in May 2019, five years after Asset Life plc began selling its bonds.

Media spotlight fell on Asset Life plc after the collapse of London Capital & Finance, due to a connection between its directors.

Asset Life plc’s Chairman, Martin Binks, was a director of collapsed minibond firm London Capital & Finance from October 2015 to August 2016.

Since May 2014 Martin Binks has been a director of another former minibond firm, Anglo Wealth Limited. In December 2018 Anglo Wealth Limited was described as an “elegantly packaged scam” by a Southwark Crown Court judge, who sentenced two other Anglo Wealth directors, Terrence Mitchell and Andrew Meikle to suspended prison sentences and disqualification as directors.

Binks has not been accused of any wrongdoing in relation to his ongoing role at Anglo Wealth.

Despite the fact that the bulk of the Anglo Wealth funds were “dissipated on supporting the defendants’ lifestyles”, according to lawyers advising the CPS, Anglo Wealth investors were repaid in full.

With the collapse of Asset Life plc, the question of where the money to repay them came from is more urgent than ever.

7 thoughts on “Curse of 2019 strikes again as Asset Life plc goes into administration

  1. it is blatantly obvious that FCA needs to get a grip on all the UK’s unregulated as well as regulated bonds under the heading bonds and put some sort safety net in place to reduce investors losses for them – too many sharks in our waters getting away with feeling the metal and not being stripped of illegal new assets properly

  2. If the FCA just got a grip on anything it would be a start. Right now the FCA simply wander about in a daze. With so many scams ongoing you’d think it would be easy for them to catch a few.

    You gotta wonder what their value is ….

  3. EEC, no thanks, no “safety net” for the hapless who throw their money into these schemes, it will only encourage them and the companies that provide the schemes. And who pays for that? You and I.

  4. I have invested £50,000 in an asset life bond as a result of a company called ‘amyma investments’ introducing me to them AND assuring me that it was a great investment!!
    I need that money for my planned retirement, please, whoever can help me PLEASE help me and ALL the fellow investors as well for that matter!!
    Thank you.

  5. Hey Stuart,
    I myself have just learned about this scam, after investing 10,000 also through Amyma. Please reach out to me at [Removed due to risk of recovery fraud. -Brev] to let me know what steps of action you took as i am very confused and worried.

  6. Is There any forum – or medium through which holders of the Asset Life product can link to each other and possibly develop a strategy to form a joint, collective presentation [complaint] to the authorities…
    I know we have probably seen the last fo the money but group consultation and discussion might be cathartic – if thing else? I hop you can help…
    Pete woods

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