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Bond Review went ad-free one month ago. The only source of revenue Bond Review has now is voluntary donations from our readers. The response to going ad-free was overwhelming and I couldn’t be more grateful to those of you who have taken the time to let me know they appreciate the coverage.

Over the last couple of years Bond Review has developed from a handful of reviews of unregulated bonds to a regular source of news on an underreported segment of the UK and global investment market.

If you’re a regular reader and appreciate my coverage, you can help keep Bond Review going with a voluntary subscription by clicking the button below.

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What you may have missed in October

(A selection of the more in-depth news articles from the last 4 weeks)

Any Armenian iron; Asset Life plc administrators report

Introducer turns on Carlauren and approaches “fraud litigation” lawyers as investors allege it took 10% commission

Providence and Secured Energy investors compensated in full

Park First investors push back against proposal to “wipe off £115m of debt”

High Street Group attempts total shutdown of Bond Review (oh, and it’s late filing accounts again)

Buy2LetCars increases to £25 million in funds; company hits road with misleading adverts

MJS Capital administrator says shell company used as “conduit for misuse of funds”; former MJS adviser alleges Ponzi scheme

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