Imperial Investments’ Scott Wood is convicted cannabis dealer, electricity thief

When I reviewed the Imperial Investments Ponzi scheme I questioned whether co-founder Scott Wood actually existed. Unlike co-founder and habitual Red Bull drinker Dan Pugh, who fronts all Imperial’s Facebook videos, Scott Wood kept in the background, with no public image other than a photo of some baby.

Thanks to reader “CG”, I can reveal that Scott Wood does exist and is a convicted cannabis producer.

While Wood does not have a photo presence on Imperial Investments’ website, his publically available personal Facebook profile does list him as co-founder of Imperial Investments.

CG also managed to find a Maidstone local news article which covered Scott Wood’s appearance in magistrates’ court on charges of producing cannabis. On 21 May 2015 Wood was convicted in Maidstone Crown Court of one charge of producing cannabis, one charge of supplying cannabis and one charge of abstracting electricity.

He was sentenced to a 12-month community order, supervision and mandatory drug rehab. Wood now resides in Malaysia.

Imperial Investments co-founder Scott Wood

A photo posted by Wood at a poker event in Malaysia in January 2020, wearing a hoodie with the Adidas logo reimagined as a cannabis leaf, suggests that the mandatory rehab failed to diminish his fondness for waccy baccy.

Other photos posted by Wood show off a gaudily-painted Audi, and a study full of trainers, a Louis Vuitton bag, and yet more cannabis-based merchandise.

The Financial Conduct Authority listed Imperial Investments as a “scam firm” in August. Imperial is still yet to post any update addressing the scam warning.

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