Legend Lane files 2019 accounts, £186k in the red

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Legend Lane has filed accounts for Legend Lane Group Limited to November 2019. Its other group company, Legend Lane Limited, has apparently been discarded; May 2020 accounts show it to be an empty shell and the company has applied to be voluntarily struck off the register.

The accounts reveal little, as the company made use of small company exemptions and did not have the accounts audited or include a profit and loss account. The balance sheet went further into the red over the year, with net liabilities rising from £14k to £186k.

£1.6 million of creditors were reported. How much of this represents investors in Legend Lane is uncertain.

Legend Lane’s weird and downright wacky range of unregulated investments were reviewed here in October 2018. In 2019, it was revealed that Legend Lane invested in PCIA Limited, which in turn invested in a branch of the Hudspiths Ponzi scheme. PCIA is currently in liquidation.

Legend Lane co-owners Chris Miller and Greg Heywood have subsequently moved onto a new unregulated investment scheme, World Property Fund, reviewed here last week. In July 2019 Greg Heywood resigned as director of Legend Lane Group Limited and gave up his shares. Chris Miller is now the sole director and significant shareholder.

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  1. Brev.. I Sign the ” Surrender” Hou many more “Millions” of Cash invested in good faith and intensions are to Have been lost to no better than ” SCAMMERS”.

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