Fake Bond Review Twitter account warning

A Twitter account “@InsideLeft3” run by a racist has taken to claiming to be myself (and an unrelated third party).

@InsideLeft3 previously claimed to be an ex British Army soldier called “Second Lieutenant Powley”. This could of course be just as much a fantasy as him being myself.

@InsideLeft3 is also an anti-Semitic racist.

Bond Review has three active media channels: this website, the email account linked to it, and the Twitter account @BondReview. Any other social media profiles should be assumed fake unless confirmed here.

The fake account has been reported to Twitter but I’m not expecting any action to be taken any time soon.

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5 thoughts on “Fake Bond Review Twitter account warning

  1. I agree. Why would I upload a cropped screenshot of my website’s logo to my Twitter profile, complete with part of the MJS Capital quote visible at the bottom, when I have the original logo I created on my hard drive?

    Subsequent to publication InsideLeft3 blocked me, deleted the above posts, and changed their profile pic. They are now going by the name “Bengali Tigress” and on about being “hacked” (how clich√©). Readers can decide for themselves whether I’ve taken to photoshopping racist posts and pictures of soldiers together or whether I’m telling the truth. Needless to say, evidence of “InsideLeft3’s” posts, including the fake Bond Review ones, were saved prior to publication.

  2. An image search for InsideLeft3 shows only your faked screenshots. I think you’ve been exposed as a total fraud.

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