to be maintained by Safe or Scam

When I said farewell two months ago, my initial plan was to maintain the blog in a frozen state for a year, after which it would disappear off the air.

I have since had an offer from Safe or Scam to take over the domain and website, and have accepted. The transfer will take effect in the next few hours, after which my involvement with Bond Review will end.

Bond Review has always been until now a fully independent and disinterested source of coverage on the unregulated investment world, and I thought long and hard before accepting an offer from a commercial organisation, but the alternative was to allow the website to disappear after a year, after which the domain would have been available for anyone to jump on. I am grateful to Safe or Scam for ensuring that my coverage can remain as a useful resource to investors.

I may return to blogging one day but it won’t be under the “Brev” persona, so any posts on this website or under the name “Brev” after 23 July aren’t from me.

Stay sane.

-Brev (2017-2021)

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