Bondreview in the Future

Brev has now stepped away from Bondreview and we wish him/her all the best for the future.

The site will now be managed by two independent volunteer moderators who support the Safe Or Scam effort to combat scams, but it will remain largely as it is now i.e a free information site allowing the public to comment on articles related to a range of investments.

All historical articles published by Brev will remain in place. The ‘Comments’ facility, which was disabled when Brev retired, will be reinstated to allow visitors to give their point of view. Please give us a week or so to transfer all the gubbings of the site (technical term) to our hosting provider. We will update users when that has completed and the site is fully operational once more.

The site name will change to reflect the fact that investment scams have moved on. Bonds are less prevalent nowadays since their promotion and sale is now captured under FCA regulations. It is not so easy for dodgy investments to use corporate bonds as an investment option. The new Bondreview will cover a wider range of scams and will seek to educate readers on the different scams in the market to raise awareness.

We intend to introduce a new facility where we will publish articles written by members of the public. There are investors who have undertaken their own research into the scams in which they invested and we will be happy to publish their findings. Please note that the articles would need to be backed by supporting evidence. We can’t just allow people to say “That guy Toby Forrest is scamming people”. If anyone would like to start the ball rolling with an article please contact us.

If any reader comes across an interesting article related to investment scams which they feel deserves wider publicity please send us a link and we’ll aim to publish it.

Now that “investigating investments” has become a FCA-regulated activity under recent legislation we would expect more investigation companies to install pop-up boxes requiring visitors to confirm their status by clicking a button to access content. The new Bondreview site will take those regulations into account in order to ensure compliance.

4 thoughts on “Bondreview in the Future

  1. Dear sir

    This is really good news. The retail investor needs guidance on investing.

    Fyi I believe that there might be a long tail to mini-bond tragedy. For example, Future Renewables Eco plc is reaching a critical vote on whether to go into administration or for bondholders to accept capital write-down and continue its wind-down under the poor leadership of director shareholders. Either choice means swimming with sharks.

    The whole arena of insolvency and administration is ripe for investigation with poor control of fees and poor recovery of funds.

    Scamming is still a growth business. The authorities, while wiser, are playing catch-up to strides made by bad actors. Your site plays a vital role in digital times.


    David Ryder

  2. Hi

    I am happy to receive future communications from you, and wish you every success in bringing attention to the scams that are out there.

    Having been caught with the Corran Hotel, Signature Living and IPIN SES investment debacles we have lost a significant percentage of retirement savings. Not every investment that goes wrong is a scam though, and it important to diffentiate between investments that go wrong because of unforeseen circumstances, and those that fail due to miss-appropriation of funds etc.

    I have worked with investment companies in the UK and operating out of Spain, and if that experience can be of any help to you at any time, you are welcome to contact me.

    Best Regards

    Steve Matthewman

  3. HI sir

    Thank you for your excellent work on Hal Robb forex trade 0SMIA FINANCIAL you are absolutely correct his results are very misleading and bogus…I was a investor unfortunately and was burned by absolute rubbish …The past results ARE CLEARY MADE UP RESULTS, they are clearly not 40% or 50%

    We was burned for a lot of money through his deceit.

    i am also surprised that OSMIA FINANCIAL depending on how long they have been with Hal Robb have not had him sign off or show documented proof on his past results.

    I was wondering if there is any financial government site that is similar to a watchdog site you could recommend me to place a complaint or legal action.

    Thanks again for your excellent work.

    PS I was wondering also if you could take the piece Brev wrote on the Brook report regarding OSMAI FINANCIAL or Hal Robb forex trader to a new website so I could comment on it and warn other people of this scam..
    Thank you again and any help would be greatly appreciated….Regards H

  4. Dear Henry,
    The article on Osmai FX has now been re-enabled so that it will accept new comments. This is the same for most of the other articles on the site. They should now be open for comments.
    We will take a fresh look at Osmai FX in the coming weeks. We can already see that the website is operated by a company called Osmai Management Ltd which is incorporated in Belize. The website domain was purchased in December 2020 so it is only 7 months old.

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