Ward & Co Insolvency Fraud

A report has been published on the Safe Or Scam website regarding a fake insolvency firm which operates using the domain name of wardinsolvencyservices.com.

The domain was purchased in March 2022 and these scammers have been contacting High Street Group victims in an attempt to persuade them to hand over more cash as an “insurance payment” so they can receive a non-existent payment out of the insolvency. It’s a scam.

They may have started targetting High Street GRP victims, but it will not be long until they expand into contacting victims who have lost money in other scams.  The website looks very credible and professional because it has copied pages from genuine websites such as the ACL Consultancy website – LINK.  ACL Consultancy is a genuine FCA-regulated claims management company which is handling claims on behalf of High Street GRP investors.  They have reported this matter to the Financial Conduct Authority.

Ward & Co is not a licensed insolvency practitioner company and never has been.  Genuine insolvency practitioners NEVER charge creditors for receiving a distribution from the insolvent company.

It is important that you never pay any money to any party claiming to be an insolvency firm, or claiming to be representing an insolvency firm, in order to receive a distribution. 

To view the full Safe Or Scam article click on this LINK.


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