Braxton Knight disappears with investors’ money

I reviewed Braxton Knight in January 2018. Based on their claim to provide fixed returns of up to 80% per year, I concluded the company was running a Ponzi scheme.

The company has been subject to a litany of complaints on Trustpilot and my own blog over the year, and the website is now showing a 404 error, suggesting that Braxton Knight has taken the money and run. Braxton Knight Limited is overdue with its accounts and subject to a strike-off notice from Companies House.

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FCA warns investors against Braxton Knight, confirms carrying on regulated activities without authorisation

On 30th January we reviewed the investment firm Braxton Knight and concluded that its offer of unregulated securities paying a fixed return of up to 80% per annum with "capital risk less than 5%" constituted a Ponzi scheme, and also that the firm was offering both financial promotions and financial advice without authorisation.

The day after we went to press, the Financial Conduct Authority issued a warning against investing in Braxton Knight, and Braxton Knight now appears on the FCA Register as an unauthorised firm, with a note that the FCA "strongly suggest you avoid dealing with unauthorised firms like this". [Continue reading...]