Christianson Property Capital group subject to yet another strike-off

Three weeks after Christianson Property Capital Limited belatedly filed its accounts, causing the strike-off action against it to be suspended, its subsidiary Victory House Group Limited has now also been given notice of compulsory strike-off, due to its continued failure to file accounts with Companies House. The accounts have been overdue since 28 February 2018. Continue reading...

Christianson Property Capital files April 2017 accounts, reports minus 4.7 million in net assets

Christianson Property Capital Limited has finally filed its April 2017 accounts (3 months overdue), resulting in the strike-off action against it being suspended.

The accounts are micro-entity accounts and are therefore exempt from auditing and from filing a profit and loss account, meaning there is very limited information that can be drawn from them.

Nonetheless, a few facts can be gleaned from the accounts. Continue reading...

Notice filed to strike off Christianson Property Capital

Christianson Property Capital was founded in 2014 and offers (or previously offered; it is unclear whether the company is soliciting new investment) unregulated bonds paying 10% per annum.

The company has been overdue with its accounts to Companies House since January 2018.

As a result of Christianson's continued failure to file accounts as legally required, Companies House filed a notice to strike the company off the register on 3 April 2018.

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