Marcello Developments – Unregulated bonds paying 8-10% per year over 5 years

Marcello Developments Limited

Marcello Developments offers 5 year investment bonds paying 8% in years 1 and 2, 9% in years 3 and 4 and 10% in year 5. The bonds can be redeemed in full after one year.

Who are Marcello Developments?

Bryan Gauson
Bryan Gauson, Marcello Developments co-owner

The company was incorporated in February 2015 and has been issuing loan notes since June 2015. Marcello Developments is a subsidiary of Marcello Group, which is 50/50 owned by the directors, Keith Wotherspoon and Bryan Gauson.

Both Wotherspoon and Gauson were previously involved in Ixe Group, the controversial agribusiness and commodities group. Wotherspoon was previously a director of Ixe Agro Limited, although that subsidiary has now been dissolved. Bryan Gauson describes himself as an employee of Ixe Agro on his blog.

Keith Wotherspoon, Marcello Developments co-owner

Marcello Developments had net assets of £5 million according to its last accounts (February 2017), after allowing £3.6 million for the liabilities represented by the 5-year bonds. These accounts were not audited, due to Marcello Developments being exempt under the small companies regime. According to the accounts Marcello raised £900k from its 5-year bonds in 2015, £2.4m in 2016 and £311k in 2017.

How safe is the investment?

These investments are unregulated corporate loans and if Marcello Developments defaults you risk losing up to 100% of your money.

The purpose of the bonds is to allow Marcello Developments to invest in the prime London property market, including bridging and mezzanine finance, buy-to-let residential and commercial property, and off-plan property acquisitions.

If Marcello fails to make enough income from its property investments, or for any other reason Marcello runs out of money to service these bonds, there is a risk that they may default on payments of interest and capital to investors.

Early redemption option

The bonds are described as being fully redeemable after one year. However, the ability of investors to exit after one year will depend on whether Marcello Developments has sufficient liquid funds to repay them.

Asset-backed security

Marcello Developments’ loans are backed by the assets of Marcello developments, with a legal charge held by a Security Trustee (Jade State Wealth).

Investors should not assume that because their loans are secured on these assets, they are guaranteed to get at least some of their money back through sale of the collateral if the issuer defaults. Investors in asset-backed loans have been known to lose 100% of their money (e.g. Providence Bonds and Secured Energy Bonds) when it turned out that the collateral was insufficient to pay investors after paying the insolvency administrator (who always stands first in the queue).

We are not in any sense implying that the same will happen to investors in Marcello Developments, only illustrating the risk that is inherent in unregulated corporate loan notes even when they are asset-backed.

If investors plan to rely on this security, it is essential that they undertake professional due diligence to ensure that in the event of a default, these securities are valuable and liquid enough to raise sufficient money to compensate all investors, as well as any other creditors that Marcello Developments has borrowed money from.


Should I invest with Marcello Developments?

This blog does not give financial advice. The following are statements of publicly available facts or widely accepted investment principles, not a personalised recommendation. Investors should consult a regulated independent financial adviser if they are in any doubt.

As with any unregulated corporate bond, this investment is only suitable for sophisticated and/or high net worth investors who have a substantial existing portfolio and are prepared to risk 100% loss of their money.

Any investment offering up to 10% per annum yields should be considered very high risk. As an individual security with a risk of total and permanent loss, Marcello Development’s bonds are higher risk than a mainstream diversified stockmarket fund.

This particular bond is described as asset-backed. Before relying on the security backing the bond, investors should undertake professional due diligence to ensure that in the event of default, the security could be easily sold and would raise enough money to compensate all the investors, after the adminstrator deducts their fees and any higher-ranking borrowers are paid.

Before investing investors should ask themselves:

  • How would I feel if the investment defaulted, the sale of the security failed to raise enough money to compensate all investors, and I lost 100% of my money?
  • Do I have a sufficiently large portfolio that the loss of 100% of my investment would not damage me financially?
  • Have I conducted due diligence to ensure the asset-backed security can be relied on?

If you are looking for a “guaranteed” investment, you should not invest in unregulated products with a risk of 100% capital loss.

65 thoughts on “Marcello Developments – Unregulated bonds paying 8-10% per year over 5 years

  1. Gavin is man selling Marcello to people.

    Best to walk on the other side of the road to this chap!

  2. Have received no interest and struggling to get my money back, even though Marcello cancelled bond I was going to invest in. They have had my money since October 31, 2017. This Company was recommended by my broker, I have never heard of them.

  3. Yes Amya in London and all the other recommendations I got have been excellent and all interest paid as promised.

  4. Do not invest in this company, they are holding my money for a bond they themselves cancelled because “they didn’t need the money” can you believe that. Sixteen months down the line and I still have not received anything from them and not even any communication. Have nothing to do with them, they are out and out frauds and have probably been living the high life on other people’s hard earned money. Lynne Garner

  5. Have contacted Marcello directly, my broker,, (Direct Property Investments) do nothing for you once they have your money.
    I threatened to report Marcello to the Financial Ombudsman, Brian Gausen (absolute lying bastard ) sent me a confidentiality agreement saying they would pay me out individually. Complete lies, strung me along for two weeks and nothing.
    I would like to turn up at the Marcello offices and stage a sit in and have the press there, anyone interested?
    Get in touch
    The Trustee, Graham Arnott is a complete waste of space he wright’s letters to Marcello, that’s why nothing happens for weeks on end. I would not be surprised if he is working for them.
    I have reported them to every financial organisation I can find, but the problem is they are not regulated so it needs to be a legal action, which Arnott will get around to in about another year the way he operates.
    If anyone wants to vent there feelings directly to the lying cheating son of a bitch Brian Gausen, which I do often his email is available on the Marcello website along with a picture of the thieving money grabbing cretin.
    Colin Munday.

  6. It seems I have upset Direct Property Investments, there are, so they tell me, one or two inaccuracies in my comments on this blog.
    First I referred to them as Brokers, apparently they are not Brokers but Introducers, they introduce the investor and the investment company, and then they broker the deal, so make up your own mind.
    I also said they do nothing for you once they have your money, obviously they do not have your money or handle it, this was a figure of speech. The point I made was concerning the lack of after sales or customer service which in my experience, was, and still is, a very long way from what I expected.
    The real villains of the piece are Gausen and Wotherspoon who continue to hang on to investor’s money and have no intention of releasing it.
    Colin Munday

  7. Gausen and Wotherspoon still hanging onto investors money, do not invest with these crooks, they are thieves who swindle investors out if there money.
    The Trustee of the money that Brian Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon stole, Graham Arnott seems to have gone to ground as well, no word from him, no change there.
    International Investments are also silent, no change there either, but then they did not like my last comments so that’s probably why, still it bears out what I have been saying concerning customer service !!!

  8. So two days after my last comments the so called Trustee Graham Arnott miraculously/coincidentally reappears with an update from the crooks at Marcello who have our money.
    Marcello say they have had to source alternative arrangements and they mention transaction 4 plus new banking facilities in another jurisdiction.
    This is complete and utter B/S they put out the same excuse worded slightly differently 12 months ago, nothing has changed it’s more smoke and mirrors, the delay they say will be approximately three weeks. What will happen in reality is the three weeks will stretch to five or six weeks without any word from Marcello or Arnott and then there will be another excuse, its just more delaying tactics.
    The truth is the money is not available they have used it to shore up another crooked deal.
    So three weeks from there latest load of lies will take us to Friday the 13th of September when they say they will provide dates for payment.
    Brian Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon have no intention of keeping the promise made in the circular dated 23rd of August 2019.
    Anyone who considers investing with the Marcello group must not , they are not to be trusted, check with your broker they should be warning you off these crooks, the opinions of the various companies / brokers who arrange investments with Marcello would be interesting to hear.
    I’ve heard nothing yet from the company (Direct Property Investments) who arranged my investment.
    A Facebook blog is in the pipeline which will reach out to a vast number of people and hopefully ruffle a few more feathers.

    Colin Munday
    24th August 2919.

  9. The latest payment details date has come and gone, just as I stated in my last comments.
    It’s just more lies from the dishonest thieves at Marcello.
    Everyone will have gone to ground again including the chocolate fire guard Graham Arnott who calls himself the Trustee, it just goes on and on.
    These crooks Brian Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon have no intention of paying back the money they took from investors under false pretences, they should be prevented from trading, do not touch anything with the game Marcello it is a SCAM.
    The next report from Arnott or the crooks at Marcello will be to explain the latest delay, no doubt it will be something to do with banking regulations that is an excuse they have now used three times over the last eighteen months.
    Colin Munday.

  10. Absolute silence from Marcello after the latest lies they call promises did not materialise, also, surprise surprise, the so called Trustee Graham Arnott has also gone missing again.
    I would have thought the basic requirements of a Trustee would be regular contact with investors, even if there are not any new developments.
    Bryan Gausen and his sidekick Keith Wotherspoon will be laughing all the way to the bank, after scamming investors out of there money, these two unscrupulous, lying thieves need to realise the people they have stolen from are not going to sit back and do nothing.
    I, like all other unfortunate people who trusted these crooks wait now for the next round of rubbish to be posted by Arnott.
    The financial conduct authority have the names of these scumbags and are watching developments and just in case they miss anything I pass everything on anyway.
    It gets more obvious with every excuse and delay that comes from Marcello that it was a scam from the outset, I just hope that this blog warns anyone considering trusting this company and its directors with there hard earned money, to walk away, they are not to be trusted.

  11. So extracts from an email have surfaced written by the serial escapologist Graham Arnott.
    This email explains in detail what is supposedly happening now.
    In truth it sounds complete and utter gibberish, if we have any financial experts in the support group their opinion would be good to hear. In my view it is more smoke and mirrors from the thieving crooks Bryan Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon at Marcello, Arnott is just doing whatever they tell him.
    It also begs the question, why has he not circulated this information to us investors, he obviously thinks it will be seen for what it is, just more lies from the unlawful, unscrupulous, thieving scumbags at Marcello.
    These lying individuals are playing games and legal action is the only way.

  12. The latest lies from Bryan Gausen saying payment schedules will be out in two weeks have proved once again what an absolute disgrace the thieving scum is. He along with his sidekick Keith Wotherspoon
    ,his partner in the criminal activities going on at Marcello gave out another load of lies to string us investors along.
    Graham Arnott, our Trustee (on the board at Marcello apparently) and that’s a joke, said he was going to call them last week and as per usual has gone back under his rock, he will no doubt inform us eventually that he is out if the country without access to wifi. I believe it us time for legal action, Marcello needs to be forced into liquidation, they are never going go pay out, they need to be forced out of business.
    How the low lifes Gausen and Wotherspoon have got away with it for so long amazes me, there are other names in the frame, other people at Marcello who have come to light recently and they also should be nervous.
    The other issue that needs addressing is the actions of Graham Arnott, if ever anyone has a conflict if interests it is this individual, I believe he should be investigated, for a Trustee who us supposed to represent the investors who have had there money stolen he has done absolutely nothing but follow orders from Marcello.
    The unlawful bunch of unscrupulous thieves at Marcello will no doubt have a great Christmas, paid for by us unfortunate investors.

  13. I asked Bryan Gauson for the legal company that they are supposed to be working with after the last circular which they defaulted on again. Of course haven’t had a reply – this money was supposed to help support my daughter in her training to become a nurse she has had to go without on the back of this. The fact that these guys can behave like this when the investment is supposed to be asset backed and low risk is a joke. Their repeated lies and false hopes is an absolute disgrace.

  14. All quiet once again from the thieving lying criminal scumbags at Marcello, the complete waffle put out by Graham Arnott has also proved once again what a useless individual he is, nothing he says ever gets done.
    Marcello need to be forced into liquidation and Gausen and Wotherspoon should face criminal charges.

    Its also time that the companies selling these investments took some responsibility for the way they sell these packages to people and do absolutely nothing when as in the case of Marcell it goes wrong.

    The company who sold Marcello to me, Direct Property Investments, now have a track record of selling three failed investments, MJS went into liquidation over a year ago, Marcello last year, and within the last two week’s, Westway are now refusing to pay back investments and not taking calls, and I wonder, are they are still promoting companies like these and taking there commission because it seems that this is there only concern when selling investments.

    If the comments above upset anyone, then they should just stop and think how upset people like me and the person who posted the previous comment are, who have lost serious amounts of money.

  15. Colin
    keep up the good work, you are the only one letting us poor suckers (the investors) know if anything is happening. Yes Graham Arnott did go to ground, sent email and no reply. They have had my money since 31 October 2017 and it took me a year for them to even acknowledge me, saying they didn’t have my investment or my money. Graham Arnott did eventually confirm that I had invested with Marcello an to leave it with him. I will keep in touch with you if you don’t mind. I left a message on Marcello website asking anyone else who had invested in this nasty outfit to send message and only one person replied, very disheartening. Lynne Garner.

  16. Thanks Lynn, Arnott makes my blood boil, the latest circular is more of the same B/S. He writes letters to Marcello, a real Trustee would follow up with emails and phone calls, the guy is a complete waste of space. Personally I believe that the more we shout and shame these people the better. I would like to see a lot more noise from investors.

  17. I would like judgement against these scum! I want the number for a Gavin that worked there, anyone have it?

  18. Once again the situation with the thieving crooks at Marcello has gone quiet, Brian Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon the biggest liars on the planet who have stolen investors money will be preparing for Christmas not caring about the people they have stolen from. This dishonest scum of the earth and there illegal company should be persecuted before they rip off another batch of unsuspecting investors.
    Graham Arnott our so called Trustee has done his usual trick, posted another load of complete bullshit and gone back into his shell.
    The plug needs to be pulled on this investment scam now, no more delaying tactics from Arnott, he is only doing what the parasites at Marcello are telling him to do.
    There is another company currently operating a scam which investors should be aware of, they are also lying constantly and refusing to pay back money scammed from unsuspecting investors.
    The name of the company and its director and major shareholder will be revealed very soon.
    This is definitely a company and an investment to give a very wide birth, they cannot be trusted to tell the truth let alone pay back money scammed from investors.
    Watch this space.

  19. It would appear that Marcello and there thieving directors Bryan Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon are more concerned with Christmas festivities than the plight of the people they have scammed with there shady investments.
    Graham Arnott is being his normal self, which means he is doing absolutely nothing, very soon another year will begin and these lying cheating criminals still refuse to pay back the money they owe to investors.
    Arnott must be forced to take legal action against these scumbags sooner rather than later.

  20. Another company investors need to give a wide birth is Westway Holdings Ltd, they are refusing to pay back investors money on an investment that matured on November 1st.
    Major Shareholder Anthony Mark’s has informed investors on numerous occasions that payment has been made.
    He has even rung some investors personally promising that money will be in there account within the next three or four days.
    This has proved to be complete lies, and stalling for time tactics, Antony Mark’s has no intention of paying investors back all he has done over the last three weeks is make statements about funds being paid back to investors .

    %100 of those promises have been proven to be lies, not a single investor on the November 1st investment has recieved any money.

    Westway director Joseph Griffin who very recently sent out a marketing letter saying he thought it would be useful to send an open letter to Westway investors outlining Westways ongoing expansion and funding strategy.
    This open letter was sent out very soon after Westway refused to pay out on the November 1st maturity, roughly translated the letter said we are in trouble financially.

    Joseph Griffin also made promises to investors and also phoned personally stating that payments had been sent which also proved to be lies. And today he issues a statement virtually disassociating himself from Westway Holdings, he says he has no control over the company nor involvement with the financial side.
    Pardon me if I have this wrong but if you are a director of an investment company exactly how can you not be involved with the financial side !!!!

    It sounds like rats deserting the sinking ship to me.

    This little tirade of mine will no doubt upset the likes of Anthony Marks and Joseph Griffin but you can not take peoples money call it an investment opportunity and then run away with peoples cash.

    These people and ther company needed to be outed for what they are
    Westway Holdings Ltd is not a company to trust with your money.

    Colin Munday

  21. Colin – there is a Westway Holdings page which might be a better place to add your info:

  22. Hi Colin
    I, like you, have been waiting in vain for any of the “promises” and circulars to come true but none have. It is clear Marcello have had any intention of paying; Graham Arnott will not be taking any action either on the investors behalf; his only interest is protecting himself and his Company – not ours!

    Given our investment money has gone, the key question is what can be realistically done? Sue maybe , but who and how much would that cost, how much time and what is the likelihood of success.

    I would be keen to understand if anyone has any bright ideas to either bring the sorry saga to an end or how the investment can be redeemed.

    Andy E

  23. Hi Andy,
    Good to hear from someone else regarding Arnott and Marcello.
    Arnott as the Trustee is duty bound to take action on behalf of us Investors.
    I think it will be necessary to report him (Arnott) to the relevant regulatory body.
    He clearly has a conflict of interest and is not acting in the best interests of the people he is supposed to be representing.
    I believe he does what the crooks Gausen and Wotherspoon tell him to do.

  24. Here we are January 2020 and all quiet at Marcello, no movement or intention to give back the money they scammed from honest investors.

    Bryan Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon need to stop lying and stalling, it’s been eighteen months and still they refuse to give back the the stolen funds.

    Graham Arnott is also doing what he does best nothing. The longer he stretches out the periods between his completely irrelevant bits of information the better Marcello like it, it means they can keep our money longer.
    It’s worth remembering the companies selling these investments and the companies that sold us our failed investments need also to stand up and be counted.

    Put pressure on these people after all they shouldn’t be allowed to just wash there hands of the people they sold the investment to they should take some responsibility.

    But they also remain very quiet at the moment including mine !!

    I have emailed Bryan Gausen once again but as usual he won’t be man enough to reply, he will be too busy enjoying the money he stole from us.

    Anyone reading this rant and has been robbed by Marcello just remember, the situation is not going to change if everyone just sits back and waits for Arnott to sort it, keep naming and shaming the thieving dishonest people like Gausen and Wotherspoon they need to know we are not going away.

  25. More lies and bull from Graham Arnott, he comes up with another load of complete waffle suggesting weeks and weeks of negotiations, Marcello and Bryan Gausen are just illegally holding our money, why, if you really are a Trustee Graham Arnott do you not do the obvious, slap a legal charge on Marcello.
    The only reason I can see for not doing this is because Marcell and Arnott are working together they are pulling his strings.
    The lies and deception go on and on, Gausen and his thieving sidekick Wotherspoon have to be brought to book.
    Bryan Gausen is not responding when contacted, obviously hiding under his rock, Arnott is not doing his job as Trustee, he is not putting information out as he should and is he Inchmead or Jade State Wealth? both are hand in hand with Marcello.
    Colin Munday

  26. Now we are told that a receiver will be appointed no later March 02 should a satisfactory response not be received. Did that happen – no? Now Graham Arnott is going through the yellow pages trying to find someone willing to do the job – why was a receiver not lined up in advance?…. this is basic planning surely. Hope for the best… plan for the worse.

    The other element of this is…. it takes an investor to query if a particular event occurred when it should have occurred. Why were we not told on March 02 what the status was…. why are we having to chase Graham Arnott for update on his own obligations?

    Also…. Marcello are no longer responding to my calls either

    I don’t know about anyone else- but I would getting your legal advise sorted out …. especially in the area of corporate negligence ! You won’t be anything from Marcello so how else are you going to redeem your investment?


  27. The thieving lying scum at Marcello, namely Bryan Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon who are refusing to pay back the money that they dishonestly scamned from us investors are still hidng under there rocks.
    And there puppet Graham Arnott (what a complete and utter waste of space this useless individual is) personally I believe he is as big a crook as Gausen and Wotherspoon.
    He proports to be the Trustee but works only in the interests of his paymasters Gausen and Wotherspoon, he does not inform anyone and purposely takes as long as possible to do anything.
    Where us he now? and what is he doing ? It would take a normal person 24 hours to find a receiver.
    This bunch of dishonest scammers need to be taken to task.

  28. The latest excuse from Marcello is the Pandemic, they say the the Trustee (Graham Arnott formally accountant and director at Marcello, no conflict of interest there then) is unable to contact the recievers because there offices are closed. Most companies have people working from home and available via phone and email but our Trustee writes letters because it takes longer.
    Marcello also inform me that comments like this are not helping, of course not, telling anyone who reads bond reviews that Marcello are refusing to pay people money they owe is bad for business, likely investors should be aware that investing in Marcello and crooks like Bryan Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon is a very bad plan, don’t do it.
    Colin Munday

  29. As anyone following my coverage of collapsed unregulated investments will know, the insolvency sector is very much open for business during the pandemic.

    If Marcello has run out of money then there is no actual incentive for the Security Trustee to do anything. They aren’t going to get paid for any work they do. The Security Trustee presumably charges for its services, and if Marcello is unable to pay them, they’ll have to take their place in the queue outside the receiver’s with the investors.

    If Marcello has run out of money, the investors will want to see receivers appointed (if only to get closure) whereas by contrast the Security Trustee won’t want to do any more work (including contacting receivers) because it’s unlikely it will get paid for it.

    That’s a simple summary of where the incentives lie, without getting bogged down in any discussion of potential conflicts of interests.

    If an investor has loaned money to Marcello and Marcello has defaulted on repayment, the investor has a legal right to go over the Security Trustee’s head and ask a court to appoint receivers (subject to a minimum amount being owed, and the legal formalities of statutory demands). That said, there is an inherent chance that doing so would be throwing good money after bad.

    The other option is to just write the money off. If an unregulated investment owes you money and isn’t paying it back, the two options are 1) write it off and treat any recovery as an unexpected bonus 2) take legal advice and risk throwing good money after bad. All other options are slower and more stressful versions of 1) or 2).

  30. So Graham Arnott ex accountant and board member at Marcello and now trustee responsible for retrieving our stolen money from his previous employer’s has put out the latest update.

    What a load of complete and utter bullshit, he is not going to look for an LPA Reciever for another month blaming it on the lockdown.

    Offices all over the country are open for business, they are all available via phone and email.

    It’s ironic Arnott has wasted months and months writing and emailing when he should and could have been direct, and now he says it’s being put on hold because of travel and social distance restrictions, he never visited before.

    This is just giving crooks Gausen and Wotherspoon yet more time, it is no doubt that they intructed Arnott to do this because it’s in there interests.

    It’s time now that Arnott is reported to the FCA and Action Fraud,

    Colin Munday

  31. I do wonder if Marcello, or the crooked dishonest pair of scammers Bryan Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon are still operating in the finacial sector, because if they are then absolutely no one should deal with them or even consider investing in anything they are part of.
    They are not honest, they will make promises and take your money and laugh all the way to the bank and when you complain and try to get your money back they will even call you up and tell you it’s ok we are going to pay you individually just sign this confidentiality agreement and you can have your money, but it will take ten days from receipt of the paperwork.
    And guess what, it doesn’t happen, this is a ploy used on myself and other unfortunate investors.
    This is a very simple message, if it says Marcello, do not go near it, it is a Gausen and Wotherspoon scam, it’s a bit like Covid 19 you most certainly do not want it.
    Colin Munday

  32. Time continues to pass and the dishonest Marcello thieves Bryan Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon are still laying low and enjoying the cash they scammed from honest hard working investors.

    The puppet they appointed as Trustee (there ex employee Graham Arnott) is also keeping his head down after the lies he told about not being able to find an LPA Reciever to take on the job, just another load of bullshit the same rubbish he has been spouting for eighteen months.

    Gausen and Wotherspoon want to drag out the next process for long as they can, this Marcello pair of cowboys have our money and obtained it via a scam.

    If any unfortunate individuals come across the name Marcello as an investment opportunity they should give this company a wide birth, Bryan Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon will take your money and spend it on keeping up there lavish lifestyles, holidays to exotic places as some easily obtainable photos show.

    The chocolate fire guard/ashtray on a motorbike Graham Arnott both descriptions fit equally (Jade Srate Wealth, Accounting Worx, Inchmead) to name but a few of the companys he has started and liqidated needs to do what he has failed to do ever since he became trustee, work for the investors and not the Marcello bandits Gausen and Wotherspoon.

    I did receive an email from someone at Marcello, I don’t know who sent it because they hadn’t the balls to sign it , but apparently my comments on here are not helping and are slowing the process down, really?

    I plan to keep up this regular rant because Thieves and Shysters like Bryan Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon should not be allowed to steal investors money like they have and hopefully any prospective investors will be put off dealing with anything with the name Marcello .

  33. So, here we go again, the crooks at Marcello and I will post there names again, Bryan Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon the thieving liars at Marcello have appointed one of there mates, sorry a company called Morris Bromley to manage client enquiries henceforth, as they put it.

    This Morris Bromley in his email to us investors talks about his legal team/advisors this company has only been around a couple of years, it sounds like a one man band to me, and the bullshit is the same, he says, the investments made by Marcello are being re-structured by the entities that hold these liabilities and they are at a final stage.

    Absolute and utter fabrication, this is Arnott language, this guy is reading from the same script, guaranteed the next message will be about it being a long process, of course it will be, it was with the last Marcello puppet.

    How can there be a Trustee who has been waffling and lieing to investors for two years, and this guy says he can not find an LPA receiver to do the job, who does he think believes this. But how is it possible with a Trustee in place that Marcello can suddenly appoint this other person who Gausen and Wotherspoon will control and play for time for another two years.

    All of this information will be passed on to the Financial Ombudsman and the financial fraud office, the file on the crooked actions of all at Marcello and now this new outfit will make interesting reading when it finally goes to the reciever, and it will eventually.

  34. All quiet at the scammers of Marcello, Arnott Has completely disappeared, some Trustee he turned out to be. But what else can you expect from someone who was put in place by the thieving scumbags Bryan Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon at Marcello.

    He dragged everything out gave everyone false hope with his lies and bullshit and then runs away.

    A guy from South Africa contacted me asking about Keith Wotherspoon, apparently Wotherspoon contacted him and asked if he would be an agent and sell Marcello investnents for him in South Africa.
    So the cheating lying thief is trying to steal more money from innocent people with another investment scam, him and the other ratbag Bryan Gausen must be getting low on funds I expect they have spent all our money.

    Anyway I gave the South African guy the facts anout the two Shysters Gausen and Wotherspoon so they will not be dealing with him or anyone else he knows because he is putting the word out to stay well clear of Marcello Gausen and Wotherspoon.

    The latest trick they pulled of course is to appoint another one of there mates to take over from Arnott, someone called Morris Bromley who has only been trading under his current business name for around two years, he sounds like another one man band trying to sound like a bigger fish than he really is.
    But he has also clammed up for the last month, he has been put in place by the Marcello crooks to do exactly what Arnott did, absolutely NOTHING.

    There is no way Bryan Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon will ever pay back any of us investors a single penny and the truth is they never intended to from day one, and now they are trying the same scam in another country.

    More information for the finacial fraud office, hopefully the comments posted on this forum reach enough people to ensure that Marcello and its lying thieving directors Gausen and Wotherspoon are not able to work there scam on anyone else.

    Watch this space there wil, be more about the rats at Marcello.

  35. Absolutely zero is being done for the people unfortunate enough to be robbed by Marcello UK Investments, through the scammers Bryan Gausen and Keith Witherspoon.
    Graham Arnott the dodgy director of various companies, Inchmead, Accounting Worx and Jade State Wealth to name but a few, who was or still is who knows our Trustee who for two years has pretended to be working for the investors who had there money stolen by the lying cheating pair of thieves Bryan Gausen and Keith Witherspoon, this ex employee of Marcello has completely disappeared.
    It also is becoming evident that the new cowboy on the scene, Morris Bromley the puppet Gausen and Witherspoon put in place to do Arnotts job has also disappeared.
    The way this unscrupulous, immoral bunch of crooks along with the company, Marcello UK Investments conduct themselves is beyond belief.
    This company should be shut down and the thieves that are on the payroll should be investigated.
    Colin Munday77

  36. Well well well, where are the people that Marcello UK Investments employed to keep the people they stole funds from quiet.

    Graham Arnott has disappeared completely, I’m not completely sure that a trustee can be legally replaced without certain procedures being adhered to.
    But the word legally should not be used in the same sentence as Marcello UK Investments.

    The new puppet employed by the crooks at Marcello, Morris Bromley,
    where is he and what is he doing?
    He is waiting for his script to arrive from Bryan Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon, directors at the very dodgy Marcello UK investments.

    He wil, come out with the same old lies that Arnott came out with and this will go on for years, allowing this totally unscrupulous bunch of thieving lying scamners to keep out of the hands of the recievers.

    Marcello UK Invesments have said in an email to me that my comments are counter productive and are taking time to counter.

    Well as I have said before I will continue to put into words how I feel about Bryan Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon and all at Marcello UK investments who have stolen honest investors money and then continually lied to them and are now dishonestly employing other people to continue with there scam.

    These people really are the lowest of the low in the financial investment sector.

    Stay well away from Marcello UK Investments and Bryan Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon.

  37. Still all very quiet from the Marcello puppets who are supposed to be working on behalf of the investors who have been scammed by Marcello UK Investments, Bryan Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon must be pleased with the way Morris Bromley is doing his job.

    Bromley is carrying on where Graham Arnott left off, he is actually doing less than Arnott did, which is surprising because Arnott did nothing but put out the rubbish that Marcello UK Investments told him to put out.

    When is this latest joker Bromley going to contact us investors and feed us the waffle that the scammers at Marcello UK Investors have provided him with.

    This thoroughly disgraceful bunch of people at Marcello UK Investments headed up by the master scammers Bryan Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon continue to trade even though they have stolen lots of investors cash.

    The silence from all of the thieving dishonest scammers at this company is deafening.

    Marcello UK Investments, Bryan Gausen, Keith Wotherspoon, Morris Bromley, and Graham Arnott are all guilty of misleading us investors over a long period, yet they just go into hiding and do not give a thought to the effect there lying and cheating actions are having on honest people.
    All of the people named and shamed is this post should be forced to face there responsibilities, but these people have no conscience or morals.

    No one should ever consider dealing in any way with this company, stay well clear of Marcello UK Investments and especially Bryan Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon.

  38. I also invested through an agent IAG and put money into Marcelo. Been trying to get my money back since November 2017 and to be perfectly honest not sure where to go or what to do?

    Graham Arnott removed me from the circular that went out keeping me up to date as he didn’t like my honest words stating how crap he was at his job in an e-mail I sent him, but with a brother and parent passing away and my husband having numerous Cardiac Arrests it is really taking its toll on us all and I am at my wits end both emotionally and financially.

    Like most/all the investors we just assumed a couple of years at 8% and our money would be returned. I’m now not even bothered about the interest I just want/need my original investment back.

    A very angry & distressed investor.

  39. If an unregulated investment has borrowed money from you and won’t pay it back, then your options boil down to 1) speak to a solicitor about enforcing your debt, potentially throwing good money after bad or 2) write it off and treat any repayment as a bonus.

    If “IAG” were an FCA-regulated adviser you would have recourse to the FOS and FSCS, but I’m not turning up any FCA regulated businesses by that name. You would also have recourse to the FOS and FSCS if you invested via an FCA-regulated SIPP provider without advice.

  40. The cheating thieving scammers at Marcello UK Investments headed up by the unscrupulous pair of liars Bryan Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon have obviously given there pupoet Graham Arnott his latest script designed to keep them out of receivership.

    He says there will be two updates, one from him when the administrator is appointed and they will be taking over from him.
    And then a letter of introduction from the I.P with an overview and a plan.
    No mention of the other puppet they brought in, Morris Bromley, he has gone from the picture completely.

    But of course Arnott points out that he is going on an extensive and busy business trip for three weeks, which roughly translated means he is going to hide for another three weeks.
    He now signs off as, Partner Complex Matters, not Accounting Worx, or Jade State Wealth, or Inchmead this guy starts a new company every few weeks, he is unbelievable.

    Marcello UK Investments and there directors especially Bryan Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon are scammers who steal money from hard working people by selling investments that will never be returned.

    Hopefully more and more people are getting the message to stay away and have nothing to do with Marcello UK Investments the people who convince people to part with there money, call it an Investment knowing that they have no intention of paying it back, this is financial fraud no other description for it.

    Bryan Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon it seems are still trying to scam investors, be warned.

  41. Mr Gauson stole gbp£300,000.00 from my father in 2003/5. He also has an uncle called Frank Gauson based in Gurnsey. He was also involved in cigarette smuggling in Dunbar although the case collapsed. If anyone had a contact for Bryan Gauson I would like to pay him a visit.

  42. Contact details for the lying, thieving cheat Bryan Gausen are as follows.
    Phone : 00442037516530

    The only way to get back at despicable cretins like Gausen and Wotherspoon is to keep on at them, shame them publicly for the scum that they are.

  43. Yet another company has emerged in the Marcello UK Investments scam, emails are going out to investors from someone called Graham Betman who says he is the Chief Operating and Data Officer of PJC Data.

    Apparently they provide protection for all investors worldwide, in my email Betman said Marcello don’t know that they are being investigated and not to put it out in social media or anywhere else, what a joke.

    Betman and his company didn’t come up in searches that I did, they do have a web site but then so could I in about 20 minutes.

    There has been so much skull duggery, lies and deception from everybody at Marcello UK Investments especially the two guys who have been scamming people for years, Bryan Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon, that nothing surprises me anymore.

    Graham Arnott is still conspicuous by his absence, he goes on holiday soon, oh my mistake he says its a very busy business trip, another joke.

    Morris Bromley is probably going with him, he is another joke, he comes out of the woodwork emails investors but when everyone finds out that he was appointed by the crooks at Marcello he does a vanishing act as well.

    It does make you wonder what the next underhand trick the serial scammers at Marcello UK Investnents will cone up with, this company is not a company to put your money into, you will lose every penny you trust these thieves with.

    It seems that Bryan Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon the guys who have been scamming lying and stealing from investors for years will do absolutely anything to get money from unfortunate investors.
    And under the name of Marcello UK Investments they seem on the outside plausible but with the number of people they have in this company who are completely without morals and willing to decieve
    Innocent investors they are a very dangerous bunch of crooks to get involved with.

  44. Is there anyone who can provide me with contact information on Marcello Developments or Bryan Gauson (one of the directors) We have entered into a transaction with a man in Windhoek, Namibia where we were suppose to receive payments on discounted bank instruments. Its been 6 months and NO return of this non recourse loan on an official DOA. All indication is the funds that was suppose to be paid out to clients has been paid to Bryan Guason. Reading the comment on this page it seems as if the tendency of payments are the same as some clients who post here. Please need urgent answers as to contact information for this man Bryan Gauson. Regards my contact number is +27 78 084 2523

  45. Gerda – you only have to look 2 posts up to see his details. However your “transaction” sounds like a blatant scam to me.

  46. Say good buy to your investment, lots of investors in the UK have been waiting years for there money.

  47. Absolutely no change at the biggest scamming company on the planet, Marcello Uk Investments sometimes known as Marcello Developments.

    But what’s in a name, if it says Marcello it means it is a company run by low life scamners like Bryan Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon, this pair of thieving lying cretins are, along with Marcello UK Investnents / Developments still conning innocent people out of there money.

    The latest scam to cone to light is in Windhoek Namibia, it seems a company entered into a transaction with a man, and money that should have been paid to clients has been paid to the scumbag Bryan Gausen and six months on still no payments to clients.

    The lengths that Marcello UK Investments /Developments will go to around the world to steal, scam and defraud investors is incredible.

    And where are the other crooks who are supposed to be working on behalf of people who have been robbed, Graham Arnott, Morris Bromley, and Graham Betman all of these lying cheats it seems are on the Marcello payroll. They pop up promise to work to try and retrieve our stolen money but it’s all lies they are another bunch of low lifes.

    It appears unfortunate investors are getting zero help from any direction , Marcello and all its thieving accomplices will continue to scam until something is done to stop snakes like Bryan Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon.

    I will be sending the latest information gathered on this fraudulent company to the Financial Fraud Office, they will have quite a file on Bryan Gausen Keith Wotherspoon and Marcello UK Investments/Developments.

  48. Where have all the scammers gone, gone to ground everyone.
    The lying cheating thieving scum at Marcello UK Investments are still not contactable.
    Bryan Gausen, the biggest liar and swindler on the planet and Keith Wotherspoon the second biggest liar and swindler on the planet are in hiding.

    But while they are ducking and diving they are still trying to con investors out of there money, they have a brand new investment scam so everyone should be aware.

    Stay away from anything with the name Marcello, it is pure poison, particularly Marcello UK Investments, the worst of the bunch, anyone who works for this disgraceful company should be ashamed of themselves.

    Hundreds of people have had there savings stolen by the evil pair of vile cretins Bryan Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon and are suffering for it.

    The other pair of liars Graham Arnott and Morris Bromley both of these assistant scamners have strung investors along by pretending to be working on there behalf when in truth they were both brought in by Marcello UK Investments to lie and cheat and slow the process of any chance of investors recovering there money.

    Graham Arnott and Morris Bromley have also crawled back under the rock they came out from and surprise surprise they cannot be contacted, what a pair of complete and utter cheating lying ratbags.

    Nothing seems to effect the people mentioned but hopefully enough potential investors will be warned off.


  49. Well here we are nearly Christmas again and no news about the funds stolen by Marcello UK Investments, the main conspirators in the finacial scam Bryan Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon are still trying to raise funds for there latest scam.
    And still the person appointed as Trustee, Graham Arnott ( of Inchmead, Accounting Worx, Complex Matters and Jade State Wealth all these companies are Graham Arnott ) refuses to contact any of the investors that he is supposed to represent.
    The big question the scammed investors are asking is how can someone entrusted with the job of Trustee, act in such an underhand deceitful and disgraceful way.
    It is interesting that reviews are now coming out in other forums and bond review sites mentioning Inchmead.
    When potential investors read reviews on bond review sites its important that they are told of real experiences from people who have been victims of scamming companies like Marcello UK Investments (Bryan Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon) and about untrustworthy companies like Inchmead and Graham Arnott.
    They will all no doubt have a happy Christmas spending stolen money and not have a guilty conscience.

  50. I want to wish anyone connected with the cheating lying scammers at Marcello whether its UK Investments or Marcello Group an absolutely rubbish new year.

    I sincerely hope nothing goes well for you in 2021, and a special mention for main conspirators, Graham Arnott and his devious sidekicks Bryan Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon, these three financial fraudsters deserve to be locked up for the way they have systematically lined there pockets with investors money.

    Arnott has lied repeatedly to investors from his self appointment position of Trustee, this devious individual is probably the worst of the Marcello den of thieves.

    So Graham Arnott, where are you? Why are you not corresponding with us unfortunate people. We trusted you and your fraudulent company and its main men Bryan Gaysen and Keith Wotherspoon
    Who, quite possibly it seems, were appointmented by you in the first place!!!!!

    I really hope you and all at Marcello get what you really deserve, a crap new year.

  51. We are well into the new year and it is very quiet at the scamming company Marcello Group / Developments/ UK, they are one and the same, all are not to be trusted they are rip off merchants who steal money under the lying disguise of an investment
    Graham Arnott the chief scammer has now closed his company Inchmead I suppose his other fly by night companies Accounting Worx, Jade State Wealth and Complex Matters (all fronts for his scams) are closed as well.
    Bryan Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon have long since disappeared, last heard of trying to work the same scam in South Africa, coincidentally where Graham Arnott the Head man of the Marcellio scams comes from,
    Make of that what you will but its pretty damn obvious to me.
    Arnotts excuse for not contacting investors regularly months ago was, I am working from home, so why I ask myself is he not still working from home, the man is nothing more than a con artist on a massive scale.

  52. Its over two years now since various people first vented there frustrations on this platform about Graham Arnott and the thieving scammers at the Marcello Group.

    Two years that Graham Arnott and his slimy partners in crime Bryan Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon have had investors money to do what they like with.

    The Marcello Group looks like a big company with offices in London and Singapore, if the web site is to be believed, but nothing at all which bears the name of Marcello can be trusted, they are all a bunch of lying stealing scamming con merchants who will try every trick in the book to steal money from innocent investors.

    Graham Arnott and all his unscrupulous dodgy fly by night companies, Inchmead, Accounting Worx, Jade State Wealth and Complex Matters to name but a few, are all the same, unbelievably false, just fronts for this South African bandit to con more and more money from unsuspecting victims.

    There are also companies contacting investors who have lost money telling them they can get there money back, but the grammar used in the emails is a give away, they could be just another scam.

  53. Still no word from the elusive con man Graham Arnott I don’t know if he is in contact with any of the investors he is supposed to represent but everything he issues is complete bullshit and lies anyway the same lies he has put about for the last two years or more.
    Bryan Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon the two swindling hench men of Arnotts are nowhere to be seen, the last report about these to lying thieving scammers suggested they were trying to use the same scam selling investments in South Africa, Arnotts birthplace, what a coincidence lol.
    The Marcello Group is not a company anyone should consider dealing with they are full of con artists like Graham Arnott, Keith Wotherspoon and Bryan Gausen, stay well clear.

  54. So, Houdini, AKA Graham Arnott has surfaced and made contact with a few of the people he is supposed to represent and shock and amazement I recieved the communication as well.

    Arnott mentions Morris Bromley and says the resolution date is 26th of April 2020, one will have to assume that he means 2021.

    What exactly he means by resolution date I am not sure but it’s my guess a load of fictitious hoops will crop up which need jumping through, letters and forms will have to be sent and he (Arnott) will disappear on an oh so important business trip and cannot be contacted.

    Where Morris Bromley fits in is still unclear, it looks to me like he is another of Arnotts sidekicks brought in for one reason only and that is to muddy the water and delay taking action to recover our money we will see.

    I was very interested to see Arnotts name listed as a director on yet another company, this one with links to Cyprus!!!

    Someone also mentioned they had contact with Bryan Gausen, this is another cereal liar I wouldn’t believe him if he said Chrismas day was on the 25th of December. He and Keith Wotherspoon are still spending investors money.

    So let’s see what ploy Houdini uses for the so called resolution date.

  55. Not much happening on the communications front, Graham dodgy Arnott the so called Trustee responsible for chasing our money, stolen by the thieving scum Bryan Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon at the Marcello Group, is still not contacting the majority of investors.

    The date of 26th of April that Arnott (the South African bandit) has said is the resolution date is coming up, I still believe this just means Arnott will delay matters with loads more bullshit and legal crap.
    Arnotts agenda is to stop any action being taken against Marcello and let’s face it he has succeeded for nearly three years.

    I also believe as stated in my last post that Morris Bromley is part of the plan, only brought in to muddy the waters, none of these puppets are working in the interests of investors who have had there hard earned money stolen by a bunch of lying thieving scumbags.

    The scumbags at The Marcello Group and Marcello UK (I think they are both the same and both responsible) are all in it together with Graham Arnott orchestrating and the pair of rip off merchants Bryan Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon living of the stolen money of investors.

    The 26th of April approaches, where oh where is Graham Arnott, probably off somewhere setting up yet another fly by night company with his name listed as Director.

  56. So the redemption date stated by Graham Arnott, 27th of April has well and truly past and what has happened? absolutely nothing, Arnott is, so I believe, emailing Morris Bromley which in itself is a complete joke.

    When you consider that Arnott brought Bromley in to do exactly what he (Graham Arnott) tells him to do. It’s just a great big scam to follow up the scam that Arnott was in on at the start, he along with the thieving scumbags at Marcello, Bryan Gausen and Keith Wotherspoon are responsible for our stolen money.

    Why does Graham Arnott get away with it, also the companies that sold us these investments are also doing very little, they never keep there investors up to date with anything but if they aren’t doing anything I suppose they have nothing to say.

    This long running saga of Marcello UK and Marcello Group stealing from people under the guise of an Investment has now gone on for three years, its time they were brought to justice.

    Bryan Gausen, the scum who lied to lots of investors personally in phone calls is still living it up on stolen money as is the other serial liar and thieving scumbag Keith Wotherspoon they all need to be banned from trading in the financial sector, they are not to be trusted with anything.

  57. Colin I agree and see your committed to the cause but its probably best to try and forget about it and put it behind you. Unfortunately having the same rant isnt getting you anywhere or getting the attraction you want, for your own sanity I would try and put it behind you and write it down to one of lifes lessons

  58. The idea behind the rants is to annoy the people mentioned in the rants, and it does have that effect. I have said goodbye to my investment long ago and my sanity is fine.
    Arnott is a crook and I will continue to post about him.
    Thanks for your concern.

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