RVS Closing Price System disappears with investors’ money

A few months ago I reviewed the RVS Closing Price System, which claimed to enable users to generate returns of 225% per annum through share trading.

I concluded that investors should not invest unless they expected to lose all their money.

Others have commented that the RVS Closing Price System appeared to be a reboot of the HSL Smart Market System, to which it showed remarkable similarities, although I didn’t include this in the review as a) I couldn’t 100% verify it and b) it seemed unnecessary.

The anonymous admins of RVS Closing Price System have now apparently done a runner. The website https://price-systems.com/ shows a blank page, and an investor has informed me that RVS admins are not responding to calls or emails.

It appears that RVS investors have lost the money they invested in the software.

How do I get my money back from RVS Closing Price System?

Investors in the RVS Closing Price System should take extreme caution if someone contacts them claiming that they can recover their funds. It is highly likely to be a fraud recovery fraud. They will eventually ask for “legal fees” or “liquidation fees”, which investors will never see again.

If you fell for the RVS Closing Price System fraud then you are vulnerable to losing money in similar scams in the future. Consider changing your phone number or email addresses, as these will now be on a “suckers list”.

If you paid for RVS’ software via a credit card or debit card, you may be able to make a claim under “section 75” (credit cards) or “chargeback” (debit cards). (Non-UK investors should check the protections applying in their own country.) Note that chargeback and section 75 claims never cover losses from trading or investing. However, the sale of goods which are not as described is potentially covered by section 75 and chargeback.

As RVS undertook to supply software which promised guaranteed returns from trading, you might be able to make a successful claim if you can persuade the debit / credit card company that you paid for software which was sold fraudulently and not as described.

Given that this scam appears to have successfully worked twice in quick succession, look out for another company with a three-letter acronym promoting some kind of trading software offering implausible returns to emerge in the near future…

One thought on “RVS Closing Price System disappears with investors’ money

  1. Yes unfortunately I was duped into buying this and the lifetime membership to markshare data that seems to have stopped working on 26/10/2018. I also can not get through on the phone or email.
    I paid through my bank by direct payment so I don’t know if I can get my money back.
    Maybe this needs to be made public so more are aware of such scams.

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