Fuzzy Brush accounts overdue, strike-off notice issued by Companies House

Fuzzy Brush Products Limited was previously reviewed on this site in April when it was offering 1 and 2 year bonds paying interest of up to 14.43% per year.

Since that review, Fuzzy Brush has also started offering investment in its vending machines, under which investors invest up to £250,000 in Fuzzy Brush vending machines in exchange for a return of up to 19.7% per year for a 3 or 5 year term.

Fuzzy Brush Products has been overdue with its December 2017 accounts since September 2018, and Companies House has now issued a strike off notice.

Fuzzy Brush has a number of UK incorporated entities, but Fuzzy Brush Products is repeatedly referred to in its investment literature and would therefore seem to be the one issuing its unregulated investment securities.

If Buzzy Thrush continues to fail to file accounts, and the strike off notice is not withdrawn (e.g. because a creditor files an objection), Fuzzy Brush Products Limited will be dissolved and all its assets will become legally bona vacantia, i.e. property of the UK Government. (Creditors can however apply to Companies House to have this reversed.) The sole director, Jim Drew, also risks prosecution.

Despite being unable to file accounts on time, Fuzzy Brush appears to continue to solicit investment via fuzzybrushinvestment.com. Last month (i.e. two months after its accounts become overdue) it promoted its investment via lovemoney.co.uk, a consumer finance magazine.

That advertorial claimed that Fuzzy Brush plans to float on the AIM market within the next three years.

They’ll need to get up to date with their accounts first.

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