Braxton Knight disappears with investors’ money

I reviewed Braxton Knight in January 2018. Based on their claim to provide fixed returns of up to 80% per year, I concluded the company was running a Ponzi scheme.

The company has been subject to a litany of complaints on Trustpilot and my own blog over the year, and the website is now showing a 404 error, suggesting that Braxton Knight has taken the money and run. Braxton Knight Limited is overdue with its accounts and subject to a strike-off notice from Companies House.

Braxton Knight was supposedly run by a Mark McHale according to Companies House and a Linkedin bio. Whether McHale actually exists is unknown.

Trustpilot reviews suggest Braxton Knight first started to refuse payouts around April 2018.

Complaints on Trustpilot suggest that investors were shown numbers on a screen which purportedly showed massive profits, but when they attempted to withdraw their money, they were asked to pay another large sum of money as “commission” (why this could not simply be deducted from their profits was of course not explained). Naturally this commission disappeared just like their original investment. This suggests Braxton Knight fell into the advance fee fraud category rather than Ponzi fraud.

I invested in Braxton Knight. How do I get my money back?

Your money has been stolen and is long gone.

Investors should take extreme caution if someone contacts them claiming that they can recover their funds. It is virtually certain to be a fraud recovery fraud. They will eventually ask for “legal fees” or “liquidation fees” or similar, which investors will never see again.

Investors should certainly not contact the guy on Trustpilot claiming he is going to hire IRA paramilitaries to have Mark McHale shot. Not only would this be stupid, illegal, and likely fruitless, “give me some money so I can hire hitmen” is a not-unheard-of variant of fraud recovery fraud.

And in the extremely unlikely event that “Stuart Cromie” (yeah, obviously you’d leave your real name on Trustpilot while soliciting accomplices in an illegal act) actually did succeed in getting someone murdered, all investors would accomplish is to allow Braxton Knight to steal years of their life via a prison sentence, on top of their money.

If you fell for Braxton Knight then you are vulnerable to losing money in similar frauds in the future. Change your phone number or email addresses, as these will now be on a “suckers list”.

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