We review Quantum Group of Funds – clone scam offering AirBNB IPO shares

The website quantumgroupfunds.com claims to represent “Quantum Group of Funds”, a subsidiary of Soros Fund Management.

Representatives of Quantum are cold-calling investors claiming to be offering shares in AirBNB (currently privately owned by its founders and venture capital firms).

Quantum Group of Funds does exist, but the website quantumgroupfunds.com is nothing to do with it. It was only registered in February 2019, despite the real Quantum being in existence for 45 years.

The real Quantum Group of Funds closed to outside investors in 2011, and even before then only catered to very wealthy investors, and did not go around cold-calling random retail investors about IPOs.

Being a private hedge fund which mainly manages the Soros family’s private wealth, the real Quantum has no public web presence – which has allowed the clone scam to appear more convincing, because there is not a real website to compete with it on Google.

How safe is Quantum Group of Funds?

In addition to falsely claiming to be selling AirBNB shares, Quantum offers various other bullshit investments including a “Crypto-Currency Hedge Fund” which has returned 15,152.07% since inception and an “Event-Driven Hedge Fund”.

None of these investments exist. In both the above cases, all Quantum has done is copy and paste some graphs from Eurekahedge, which show the performance of baskets of cryptocurrencies and other assets, not actual funds that anyone has invested in. (The 15,000% return comes from measuring the leap in the price of Bitcoin since 2013.) In some places it hasn’t even bothered to find/replace Eurekahedge’s name.

As and when AirBNB does IPO, investors will be able to buy shares after the IPO takes place, via any regulated investment platform that allows access to the US market (or wherever it lists). Until the day it goes public, shares will only be available to institutional investors. Anyone who contacts you out of the blue offering to sell you AirBNB shares is a scammer.

Who are Quantum Group of Funds?

Quantum’s website was anonymously registered and no corporate details are provided.

Quantum names a “Samuel Belmont” as Chief Executive Officer who almost certainly does not exist.

What should I do if I invested in Quantum Group of Funds?

Your money has been stolen by scammers and the chance of recovery is minimal.

Investors who fell for this scam should change their contact details as they are likely to be targeted by – and fall for – similar scams in the future.

If anyone contacts you claiming they can recover your money, it is almost certain to be another scam. They will ask you for “legal fees” or similar which you will never see again.

6 thoughts on “We review Quantum Group of Funds – clone scam offering AirBNB IPO shares

  1. Brev you are a top man uncovering these pieces of sh….. that the UK financial services should be closing down before they take a breathe

  2. we still live in a very “sexist” time, when everyone (with the exception of me) clearly thinks a website this good could only be written by a man! People have no idea the gender of Brev – although I have speculated that certain turns of phrase used in some blogs lead me to suspect Brev is a female senior citizen – but other than that it is bizarre how everyone makes the assumption Brev must be male!!

  3. Its clearly a scam, I fell as a victim. Theese guys are modern thiefs stealing peoples money out of their accounts and not pockets. They are not responding to any phone calls or emails. Any authororites I could contact, whar to do in theese cases?

  4. I also fell as a victim. They closed their web site and dont respond neither to mails nor phone calls. Any hints on what to do ?

  5. Hi Luis, report to actionfraud UK, contact your bank and police authorities.
    Its ridiculous how theese people can get away like that. I belevie you spoke to a guy naming him self James Carter. They sent allot of document to you inregards to the deal rabo bank , credit swiss, Bank of america. They really invest time and effort to do it. Highly manioulative profffesional people, And the wierd thing is that is was so hard to see that this was a actual fraud. Nothing on the internet……..

  6. Thanks Rikardo. Indeed it happened that way, a very polite, friendly and very convincing/manipulative guy naming him self James Carter was my personal “Financial adviser” and yes I was buying cheap Airbnb Pre-IPO shares and selling them in the secondary market to Credit Suisse, T. Rowe Price, Bank of America, better said I thought I was doing that, but it was all fake. True there was nothing on the internet, only one entry on Wikipedia pointing to their web site… In fact that was what convinced me. When I read this article in Bondreview it was already too late for me…

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