Quinshaw Finance collapses, liquidators appointed

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Liquidators have been appointed to Quinshaw Finance, whose bonds were reviewed here in September 2019.

Quinshaw claimed to offer “secure property high yield bonds” and that “investor protection is our number 1 priority”.

Posts to reviews.co.uk suggest the scheme stopped paying investors around the middle of 2020. Prior to collapsing Quinshaw had over 120 universally positive reviews.

After it collapsed a company calling itself “GDS Consulting” claimed to have been appointed as liquidators and ran a recovery scam on Quinshaw’s victims. It is likely that “GDS Consulting” was in reality someone behind, or within Quinshaw who had access to investors’ details.

The new liquidation is likely to be genuine, based on the filing with Companies House.

Quinshaw was supposedly run by a Paul Hopeton Daye but I have seen no evidence he actually exists. Companies House runs no meaningful checks on those who open UK limited companies.

How do I get my money back from Quinshaw?

Quinshaw’s investor list has already made its way into the hands of recovery scammers, who have contacted investors already knowing about their bonds. Anyone who cold-calls you claiming they can get your money back from Quinshaw or want to buy your bonds is a scammer.

If you were advised to invest in Quinshaw by an FCA-regulated company, you may have recourse to the Financial Ombudsman and Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Unfortunately for investors, as yet I’m not aware that any FCA-regulated companies did promote Quinshaw.

The standard procedure when an unregulated investment goes into administration is to write off the investment and treat any return as a bonus.

6 thoughts on “Quinshaw Finance collapses, liquidators appointed

  1. This is an infinite loop, the company house offers a forum for ponzi schemes, there will be no transparency, no justice, no protection, no regulation to protect investors until legislation changes.

  2. The real estate system in the UK has a loophole that allows it to rip people off in a very sophisticated way. In 2018 I “bought” a hotel room through the Property Frontiers agency from UK. The company I bought from is Northern Power Developments NPD, owned by Gavin Woodhouse, from UK. It was an investment that promised 10% interest per year. A year later, Woodhouse disappeared my savings, his company NPD turned out not to own the Hotel he sold me the room from and now his lawyers tell me that I had to be aware of the risk. And I asked them, obviously with no response from them, should I be aware from how miserable Woodhouse is? because one guards against the ups and downs of the financial system because it is supposed to be regulated and supervised by authority, but not against the greed and misery of individuals. I am waiting for a resolution, but everything indicates that thanks to the inefficiency of a blind (or corrupt?) system I am going to lose my savings of a lifetime of honest work. Be careful, sometimes scams do not come by email or social networks, but are masked by companies and people with a supposed seriousness and reputation. Sorry for the long post.

  3. I am a Quinshaw investor and lead a large group of investors who are working with the liquidator and the police. If you would like to join our group please go to the Facebook group “Quinshaw Investors”

  4. “GDS Consulting is the trading name of Gagen Dulari Sharma” – from their website https://gdsconsulting.uk.com/

    Sharma was made bankrupt and is banned from acting as a liquidator or insolvency practitioner until 2025, after being found in court to have breached the duty to recover value for creditors by working with company directors to sell them back company assets below value, as per the government’s website:

    Paul Day does exist, as a previous commenter said. He is a tiler in Nottingham. All his contact details are on his website – Daily Mail spoke to him

  5. I invested the little I had back then (2019) received 3£ a month for 5 months then puff !! No more. My bank says they cannot help because I received some dividend. No more investment !!

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