Fortress Legal / FLF Litigation goes dark, Companies House moves to strike off

FLF Litigation Services (formerly known as Fortress Legal, Litigate Aid and Robert Dodds Watches), whose bonds were reviewed here in August 2019, has been issued with a strike-off notice by Companies House for failing to file accounts for December 2019 on time.

Unless the strike-off notice is cancelled, e.g. due to an objection from a creditor, in June FLF Litigation Services Limited will be dissolved and all its assets will pass to the Government.

Worryingly for investors, FLF Litigation Services’ failure to file accounts (a criminal offence) appears to be part of a general pulling down of the shutters.

At the time of my review, FLF Litigation Services was majority owned by Andrew Lynch. In July 2020 Lynch resigned as director and passed all the shares in the company back to its original owner, Robert Dodds (he who apparently originally intended to use the company to sell watches). There is now no mention of FLF on Lynch’s LinkedIn profile.

FLF’s website,, has been blanked and now shows just a WordPress login. The phone number listed for FLF on Google has been disconnected.

FLF’s Twitter feed has not been updated since December 2018 when it made a short post saying “Fortress Legal Finance Fund has been Section 21 approved” (meaning that it had found an FCA authorised company to approve its financial promotions, allowing them to be released to the public).

Prior to that post, the Twitter feed mostly consisted of inane motivational tweets and lawyer jokes (some retweeted) including “Lawyers don’t lie, they are creative” and “People do not win people fights. Lawyers do!”

FLF’s December 2018 accounts showed a relatively trivial £130,000 in creditors, with a £110,000 net liabilities deficit. Comments on the original review from worried investors suggest the bonds reviewed by me were in fact issued. How much FLF owes investors now is not clear due to its failure to file accounts.

2 thoughts on “Fortress Legal / FLF Litigation goes dark, Companies House moves to strike off

  1. I received an email from info@flflitigationservices on 4 april stating the company was on the up with all investments in place. About 2 weeks later I received notification from Companies House about the imminent forclosure.The fact that the company has been delayed in closure means investors have more time to fight for return of investments .The delay is not in flf interest

  2. On July 22nd i received an email from FLF with an attached letter headed Fortress Legal Finance, undated and unsigned in any form of name. Amongst other aspects the letter states the company has entered administration with a company by name of Begbies Traynor in Southend. I have been in touch with this company today, they inform me that the company are not handling administration for FLF. Anyone else had the same or different letter or got any further information?

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