We review Osmai FX – forex Ponzi scam claiming 41% per year returns

Osmai FX logo

Osmai FX claims to provide a "reliable alternative investment opportunity" that generates returns from Forex trading.

In a video and performance table on their website, the scheme claims to have generated 42% annual returns since 2016. It also claims to offer "medium to long-term growth with minimal risk" and "slow and steady returns".

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We review Redhat Group – forex investment paying ~150% per year?

Redhat Group logo

Redhat Group claims to provide an "FCA Approved Managed FX Account" which "rewards our clients with above average returns by utilising our sophisticated Redhat Trading Platform."

Past performance data on Redhat's website claims that their investment delivered returns of 146% in 2019 and 153% in 2020.

There is also a live webpage on Redhat's website offering a "Loan Note" paying 24% over 24 months, although it is orphaned (i.e. not accessible from the main website and only reachable with a Google search).

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We review Marshbell’s investment paying 13.5% per year

Marshbell logo

At time of writing Marshbell offers the following investment terms:

  • Silver: 4.65%pa paid monthly for a 1 year investment
  • Gold: 8.4%pa paid monthly for a 2 year investment
  • Platinum: 12.8% paid monthly for a 3 year investment
  • Bronze: 10.2% rolled up and paid at maturity for a 2 year investment

In November 2020 Marshbell was advertising an investment via Facebook and Instagram paying 13.5% per year. Specifics of the investment term were not provided.

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We review Concept Capital’s investment paying 10% per year

Concept Capital logo

Concept Capital offers an unregulated investment in pre-fab "static homes" paying a "guaranteed" 10% per year.

Investors invest their money to Concept Capital in units of £39,999 (although the website suggests that the minimum investment is £20,000), which is used to buy a static home to be rented to low-income government-supported tenants. Concept Capital "guarantees" to pay the investor 10% per year. Investors' money is tied up for two years, after which Concept Capital undertakes to buy the static home back from them.

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We review Next Gen Solicitor’s bonds paying 8% over 12 months

Next Gen Solicitors logo

Next Gen Solicitors offers an unregulated investment in litigation financing paying interest of 8% per year for an investment of 12 months.

Unregulated third-party introducers promoting Next Gen Solicitors claim that its investment is "pandemic and recession proof" and "investor capital is 100% covered under the ATE [After The Event] Insurance policy".

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We review Diamonds4profit – anonymous diamond investment

Diamonds 4 Profit logo

Diamonds4profit sell diamonds as an investment, claiming to offer "lower risk vs higher yield balance".

The company is currently running ads on Facebook. Ads for the sale of commodities are effectively unregulated, as UK law treats them as selling shiny stones even when they are being sold as an investment. (The only relevant regulator is the Advertising Standards Authority, which is virtually toothless.)

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We review Kenton Finance’s “accounts” paying 5.82 – 9.96% per year

Kenton Finance logo

Kenton Finance is currently offering two unregulated "accounts" (actually corporate loan notes):

  • Standard Account: 2 year investment paying 5.82% per year on a monthly basis
  • Silver Account: 3 year investment paying 9.96% per year on a quarterly basis

Investors' funds are used to supply bridging loans to property developers.

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We review World Property Fund – unregulated “hedge fund” paying 10% income per year

World Property Fund logo

World Property Fund (a trading name of myriad linked companies including Mercury-Sloane Investments Limited, Tanzy Estates Property Company Ltd, Lennox Vanguard Property Investment Company Limited, Millerheywood Ltd "etc.") is offering returns of 10% per year, paid quarterly.

The company's investments are currently being promoted on Facebook.

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We review Case To Answer – litigation funding investment paying 12% per year

Case To Answer logo

Case To Answer offers an unregulated investment in litigation "invoice financing" paying interest of 12% per year for an investment of 12 months.

Unregulated third-party introducers promoting Case To Answer's investment claim it represents an opportunity to invest in "one of the most secure investment sectors in the UK" and "low-level risks".

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We review Intercare’s care room investment paying up to 10% per year

Intercare offers unregulated care home investments paying "assured rental income" of up to 10% per year for investing in care home bedrooms.

Intercare guarantees to buy the bedroom back off the investor after 3, 5, 9, 15 or 20 years; the guaranteed purchase price includes an uplift of an additional 3% per year for the first 5 years, and 2% per year for the subsequent 15.

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