Christianson Property Capital group subject to yet another strike-off

Less than two weeks after Christianson Property Capital Limited belatedly filed its accounts, causing the strike-off action against it to be suspended, its subsidiary Victory House Group Limited has now also been given notice of compulsory strike-off, due to its continued failure to file accounts with Companies House. The accounts have been overdue since 28 February 2018.

According to the last confirmation statements filed with Companies House, Christianson Property Capital Limited is the 100% owner of Victory House Group Limited, which in turn owns 100% of Victory House No 1 Limited, as well as two other companies (Victory House No 2 and No 3) which are currently dormant.

If Victory House Limited continues to fail to file accounts, and no objection is received to the strike-off, Victory House Limited will be removed from the register and all its assets – which includes Victory House No 1 Limited – will be forfeited to the Government.

Victory House No 1 Limited, according to its last accounts, holds fixed assets of £800k and current assets of £2.4 million. Little further information is available as all the Christianson Property companies are exempt from providing full accounts or auditing due to their small size.

This means that all three non-dormant Christianson Property companies have now been subject to compulsory strike-off notices this year. The previous strike-off notices against the parent company Christianson Property Capital and the subsidiary Victory House No 1 have now been discontinued, after accounts were finally submitted.

Why Christianson Property Capital seems to be incapable of filing accounts on time is not known.

Update 9.5.18: Victory House Limited has now filed micro-entity accounts (which show very little other than £500k in fixed assets) three months overdue, and the strike-off will almost certainly be discontinued shortly.

2 thoughts on “Christianson Property Capital group subject to yet another strike-off

  1. Now Christianson Prop. Cap has filed accounts, and Victory House Group Ltd has filed accounts plus Victory House No. 1 Ltd (this completes the trio) with up to date accounts – do they give any meaningful picture of the state of the group?

    Christianson accounts (filed June 2017) showed £6.9m – which matches the subscriptions of 163 people (that I know of) who were invested in that firm by the same unregulated adviser (& one other I don’t know) that mis-sold my pension transfer to a different couple of funds in 2015. Do the accounts make sense to anyone? They don’t to me.

  2. The scam you so clearly and thoroughly wrote about is typical of many that operate in the same way and get off with impunity. Finding a target to take legal action against can be difficult. In this case it could well be the QROPS provider.

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