Social Media Scammers Target Under-35’s via Whatsapp

In case you missed it, the BBC published a very good report into how scammers use Whatsapp and social media to contact younger members of the public to con them into transferring money.

The report can be viewed on this LINK to the BBC article.

It’s very difficult for anyone to know whether any contact is genuine because scammers use email, whatsapp, text messages amongst others and they pretend to be the tax office, insolvency firms, insurance companies etc. The best policy is if in doubt contact someone you trust or a citizens advice website and ask them to look at it. Do not contact any email or phone number given to you in the communication because the scammers are very good at putting their victims at ease. Their documentation is also very professional and designed to mimic genuine documents issued by genuine authorities.

Check it out before you part with any money.


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